Don’t give me that look! 

Trust me, I know I will be too dumb to even begin a review on this because so much has been said about this book already, to the point that I feel no one will even bother to read mine. But I will still push my luck and try in all my powers not to sound like the rest. Promise! It will be short and sweet!

“- “Why don’t you like to be touched?” 
– “Because I’m fifty shades of fucked-up, Anastasia” 
― E.L. JamesFifty Shades of Grey

Let me start off by saying this trilogy was a revelation (well, for me at least)! It has some very detailed graphic bedroom scenes that will make you blush most of the times and you will caught yourself turning the book to make sure that no one else would see what you’re actually reading!

The main story is about  a soon to be graduating college girl Anastasia, who is shy, naive, clumsy, with no sense of style. A good friend who with open arms willingly helped her sick best friend Kate to pitch in an interview with Christian Grey, a man who has almost everything; money, respect, success and not to mention the great looks! With an instant attraction, Christian immediately found himself to be obsessively drawn over Anastasia…and this is where all the conflicts began. With his deep, damaged past along with some major relationship issues, Christian wanted CONTROL (in every sense of the word!) over her and over almost everything around him.

Growing up, I was never really a fan of erotic fiction. Mine was usually trapped in some teenybopper books of cheerleaders hopelessly falling in love with varsity players and then eventually developed some interest on my sister’s Sidney Sheldon books. So it was really quite a surprise for me to finish the book, much less the entire trilogy! (well maybe because I have somehow also developed a crush on CTG who is insanely over the top hottie).  But looking beyond all the physical attraction and sexual exposure the book has revealed to us, the story itself is more than just a typical “boy meets girl and girl meets boy” journey. I have seen it as the character’s battle between acceptance of who and what he is versus the kind of person he really wants to be. It also touched the rising need and determination of Anastacia to cure and keep the relationship with her vulnerable significant other amidst all conflicts and differences.

Relating it to our daily lives, I think we all have our share of Christian Grey within us. It may not be as extreme as his, but often times we do things we thought were right and would satisfy us, but only to find out that it messed us up big time, we don’t know how to solve it anymore. Sometimes we find the Anastacia in us! The strong desire to change the world or at least the world of those we love!

Christian and Ana’s story simply teaches us to try to see the best in each person. Christian is not perfect, but definitely not a hopeless case! While Anastacia’s character reminds us to never ever give up on the ones we love; that beyond all the conflicts, they both have learned to unearth and heal the past and together hoped for a better future.