S.C. Stephens is an independent author who enjoys spending every free moment she has creating stories that are packed with emotion and heavy on romance.

Her first attempt at a full-length novel was Thoughtless. She wrote the angst-filled love triangle in early 2009 and published it that summer on FictionPress. Amazed and surprised by the response, more stories were quick to follow.

Conversion, the first novel in a three story vampire series, was released in the fall. Collision Course, a tragic, yet hopeful tale of love and loss was released in early 2010. The second Conversion novel came out next, along with It’s All Relative, a different take on a one night stand story.

In addition to writing, Stephens enjoys reading other people’s fabulous novels, loading up her iPod with writer’s block reducing music, heading out to the movie theaters, and spending quality time with her children.

Read the first two chapters of reckless

Pam’s house just after midnight on March 7th… 
*the house is dark* 
Cris: So do you mind telling me why you are sprawled out on the couch, dressed in black with enough drama on your face to beat out Meryl Streep on her next Oscar nomination??

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Pam: *sighs* I did it…I finished Reckless! My world just end as I read the last page! Cris!!! Our book boyfriend just DUMPED us! 
Cris: *shaking her head and laughs* Pam you called me over here after midnight to tell me that you are in some depressed state because the series is over? Pam…I…what…I’m… 
Pam: *jumping up and down* See!! See right there you feel the same way! You can not tell me that you are not upset about this! I… 
Cris: YES!! I am sad too! This series is amazing! Reckless was…OMG! I am at a loss for words. I don’t think that has ever happen! OMG what are we going to do??? 
Pam: Ok if I am Meryl Streep you are pulling in close behind as Julia Roberts right now! “I would like to thank the academy for this award! Without the drama filled words of Reckless I could have never won!” *holds remote and bows to the fake crowd*

 photo tumblr_ls7c3rU1Oe1qj0js9o1_400_zps7dc09fdd.gif

Cris: Ok LOL!! Are you going for comedy as well? 
Pam: *throws pillow across room at Cris* Ok lets do what we do best… 
Cris: Wine and a recap? 
Pam: *walks out of kitchen with bottle and glasses in hand* 
“Can love survive when life gets Reckless? 

When the band hits it big, Kiera and Kellan must ask themselves: Can their love for each other withstand the constant pressures of superstardom? The friendships they’ve formed, the new family they’ve found, and the history they’ve forged will all play a part in helping them navigate the turbulent waters of the band’s exploding popularity. A greedy executive hell-bent on success, a declining pop star looking for an edge, and a media circus that twists lies into truths are just some of the obstacles the lovers will have to overcome if they are going to remain together. Fame comes with a price—but will it cost Kiera and Kellan everything?” 
Cris: I could never hoped for a better ending than this! Reckless is the perfect book to end their love story. I cried, I laughed, I cried again, and fell in love. Mind if you ask me about my favorite part? I’d say Chapters 1-31, how ’bout that? The book is sooo good that I literally sobbed like a baby, went to the bathroom every after 30 mins because of the smoking, hot scenes, and I think I got myself pregnant just by reading it! I mean, no words can actually  explain how much I loved it! I’m really out of words. How about you Pam?
Pam: I so loved this book too! Well all of the books! The part I enjoyed most was that fact that Kiera grew up in this book. She had a lot thrown at her. But as Tammy Wynette sang she stood by her man!

We saw Kellan grow as well. They both worked together and waved a bond that no one could break. I know a lot of people don’t like Kiera but I feel that we had to see her as child like in Thoughtless to show the growth that was needed to become the woman that Kellan needed in his life. 
Cris: Ditto! I really admired how Kiera showed maturity and strength all through out the story. She really stood out and redeemed herself in the book. Its not really easy to be put in that kind of situation but she pulled it through. Well Kellan as expected… I was in awe of him! He’s just so perfect! He knows what he wants and he will do everything to protect Kiera, even if it would mean giving up the fame and popularity. 
Pam: I agree with you and I have to say that I really enjoyed how Reckless played out. I felt that S.C. Stephens created three books that told a story from beginning to end. The ride along the way was amazing! We met a ton of characters that would make excellent books on their own! Griffin!!! OMG!! I must say I LOVED him in this book! *fans face* 
Cris: *jumping and spilling wine* 
Pam: Ummmm!! Party foul!!! There is wine on the floor! 
Cris: ABC’s! ABC’s! I just remembered ABC’s 
Pam: Who knew a skill learned in grade school would cause so much pleasure in your adult life *winks and sips her wine* 
Cris: Right and I just have the urge to watch a cowboy movie! 
Pam: Oh yes Cowboy Kellan! *blushes* Ok in all seriousness what did you think of Reckless and the books as a whole? I know that S.C. Stephens is one of your top authors! 
Cris: Hell yeah! Totally a fangirl! I can’t event count the number of times that I have read the first 2 books. But what I believe the biggest draw to the story are its characters and how realistic they were presented in the book. S.C. Stephens used the perfect ingredients to make the perfect recipe of a perfect book! The strong emotions and feelings, mixed with humor, word choice and her literary techniques were just so effective that it allowed the readers to be fully immersed in the story.
Pam: I have to say that this book has really touched me and is at the top of my all time favorites! Being able to see what it is like for people in the “spotlight”. Everyone has issues as my heart ached and I felt like I was experiencing every twist and turn that celebrity brings you. In the end he just wanted to make music and share a gift. But S.C. Stephens gave both Kiera and Kellan a supportive group of friends and family! Did I state the fact that I LOVE Griffin and Anna!! *stand up and taps remote as a mic* Attention! Attention! I need a Griffin and Anna book! Please and Thank you! 
Cris: *laughing into tears* I would love to see that too. Griffin and Anna definitely added a unique blend of story. I’d say Reckless, from being one of the most anticipated books in 2013 now has become one of the highly recommended books of all time. Heck, the whole series!!! 5 stars wouldn’t be enough to rate it, I’d say 6? 7? But since it hit me big time, I’d give it a whooping 10!

 photo tumblr_mh1uxd4r241s2gg27o1_500_zps933b1d2f.gif
Pam: Yes! I think Reckless and this whole series is a must read for anyone! I have already pimped it out to my aunt and anyone I see! This is a 5 star for me! Hands down!!! 
Pam: *picks up Kindle and starts to read* 
Cris: What are you doing? 
Pam: Starting from the beginning… 
Cris: *opening her Kindle app* If you can’t beat them join them!
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