Savannah Marshall is a gifted flutist and daughter of musical royalty when she enrolls in the elite New England Conservatory of Music. Brilliant, eclectic and passionate, she lives music, but struggles with her plans for the future.

Gregory Fitzgerald is one of the most renowned cellists of his generation. A member of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and professor at the Conservatory, he is laser focused on his career to the exclusion of friends, family and especially romance.

When Gregory and Savannah’s paths cross in the classroom, it threatens to challenge more than their wildly differing beliefs on music. Friendships, ethics, and careers are put on the line as Gregory and Savannah play a symphony of passion and heartbreak.

In the final movement, Gregory and Savannah are handed their greatest challenge, as the loss of absolutely everything they’ve held as truths hangs in the balance.

A musical composition that has a romantic or dreamy character with nocturnal associations.
What happens when two of your favorite authors combine their writing skills…a symphony of words that are a treat for the eye.  As sole authors both have proven that they have the chops to create stories full of beauty, angst, and joy.  Together they are pushing the limits while taking angst to a whole new level. 
“The music demanded a devotion that required every bit of attention I could muster, no matter how painful it might be, no matter how much time it took. I’d devoted my life to music, letting it take priority…over everything.”
Nocturne is more than just a love story.  From personal self-discovery to the moral struggle of what is right and what your heart wants to do.  Savannah and Gregory are both complicated and beautifully flawed.  Savannah is fighting to overcome the shadow of musical greatness while Gregory is fighting for control.  As a teacher, Gregory believes that music is a set of structured lines and notes on a staff that can be mastered with practice.  With practice comes the ability to create greatness.  Gregory approaches life with a similar mindset believing that music and life are both works in progress that scream for militant hard work with no room for creativity.  Savannah is a rule breaker.  For Savannah music is creation.  Can Savannah school the teachers that life can be taken from flat to sharp while still keeping your musical morals in tack?
“You’re always so…structured. But broody.  Dark. Sometimes I think there’s something inside of you just ready to explode.”
The push and pull that unfolds between Savannah and Gregory is anything but structured as they both test moral boundaries.  They are both challenging the limits.  
“Gregory stripped himself bare to me on that stage, going against his musical boundaries, pushing his personal limits, and he was asking me, again…”
This story spans ten years and will rock you to your musical core.  We see Savannah and Gregory’s growth.  Savannah’s transition into adulthood and Gregory stepping up to be the man she needs.  Will they both find their coda together?     
“She was my perfect accompaniment, and I feared that I’d ruined that chance forever.”
This duet between Andrea and Charles is full on harmony.  After picking up Andrea’s Ten Days of Perfect I was hooked and through her I found Charles.  Knowing and loving both authors work I thought I would be able to pick out each of their personal writing styles.  I was so wrong.  This story flowed with beauty and drew me in with musical highs and lows.  Nocturne is a treat for the eye and the soul.  This book will test your moral compass and turn everything you thought you believed in upside down.  Black and white becomes gray and as in music everything is not as it seems.   I am in debt to the writing Gods for bring these writing soul mates together.
“Music always sounded better with him. With us.”

Andrea Randall

I started writing poetry long before writing fiction. I firmly believe Poetry is a solid foundation for all other forms of writing. It taught me that a single word can make or break the world.

I write fiction because my characters have a story and they want me to tell it.

I hope you enjoy the pieces of my soul that I share with you.

Twitter: @ARandallAuthor
Charles Sheehan-Miles

Charles Sheehan-Miles has been a soldier, computer programmer, short-order cook and non-profit executive, and is the author of several fiction and non-fiction books, including the Thompson Sisters series and Republic: A Novel of America’s Future.

Twitter: @CSheehanMiles

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