Sleepers, Awake by Eden Barber

Overeducated and underemployed, Ivy League graduate Agnes Larch spends every day steeped in failure and sleeps every night without dreaming…that is, until the unexpected death of Ian Millbrook, the boy she’s silently loved her whole life. Grieving and forced to confront her long-buried feelings for Ian, Agnes undergoes an arduous physical and spiritual journey to unearth her past and untangle her future. She walks in two worlds, the waking and the dreaming, each world filled with secrets, mysteries, and maybe, if she believes enough, miracles.

“Logic will get you from A to Z;
imagination will get you everywhere.”
~Albert Einstein

What do you do when you fall in love? What do you do when you aren’t sure that love is real? You dream. That is what we do, that’s who we are. Those dreams become our hopes.. they become our desires. They become our reality? What if you could create you’re own reality If you let your mind go and checked your inhibitions at the door?  What path would your mind take you down?

This is an amazing story. A perfect blend of fantasy and dream. The writing style impeccable. The words chosen were perfect. You are taken on a journey. The characters completely relate-able. Who doesn’t want to be the princess of their own world?

This is a story of love and angst. A story of truth and fiction blended in an amazing way that will leave your heart touched. This story is one that you won’t shake. It’s a story of true love. It’s a story that your will find yourself wrapped up in.

Eden Barber is an amazing author and this could very well be a break out book for her. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her and us in regards to her I loved peeking into her imagination and hope she affords us the ability to do so in the future and take another road trip.
4 Stars

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