Title: TRUE BLISS (Bliss # 2)

Author: BJ Harvey
Published: November 25th
Organized by: The Book Avenue
She watched her best friend find her superhero.
Now she wants her turn.

Despite a run of bad dates with Mr. Wrong, Mr. Boring, Mr. Bad Breath, Mr. Grabby Hands, and even Mr. Say I Love You After One Date To Get Into Your Pants, Kate McGuinness is more determined than ever to find the one.

Having tried everything else, she turns to the internet in a last ditch attempt to find her elusive prince.
But Kate doesn’t want an everyday, run of the mill love.

She wants the kind of love that makes your heart skip a beat. The kind of love that makes you dance in the rain and bottle up the sunset. The once in a lifetime kind of love that authors write about, musicians sing about, and lovers dream about.

Could a certain police officer in training, who has come to her rescue in the past, be the one to swoop in and save her heart? 

What if the love Kate desperately seeks has been in front of her the whole time?

She just needs to open her eyes to see it… 

*Disclaimer: This book contains a hot as hell stripper with a penchant for public sex and exhibitionism who may or may not succeed in bringing out the inner firecracker in all of us. Oh, and don’t forget the batteries.*


“Girl’s night with Mac?” Nathan asks around a mouthful of his sandwich.

“Yep. Usually she’s at Daniel’s place or they’re at ours. We haven’t had a girls night in a long time.”

“Are handsome gay men with a love of rom coms and chocolate allowed at girls nights?”

“Maybe, depends what the handsome gay man is willing to bring to the table,” I say with a cheeky grin.

“Normally it would be two out of the three important c’s, cronuts and chardonnay, but lucky for you, it promises to be a very lucky night for me. I have a date with a six foot tall, hard as rock body, Puerto Rican man who has expressed an interest in all things Nate. So it looks like I might get a C of my own tonight.”

I clap my hands in glee like a barking seal at Sea World. “Nate, that’s great. That’s definitely a better offer than drinking with me while I gossip with my bestie.”

Nate is a man whore who seeks out fellow man whores. We bonded instantly over a love of hair and cronuts. Cronuts are the genius combination of a donut and a croissant filled with vanilla cream. Seriously, he introduced me to the glorious pastry and my ass has been cursing him ever since. Of course Nate says my ass has never looked so good, so I keep him around as my personal ass motivation coach. Every girl needs one of those.

“Yes well one can only live in hope that the promise of him is just as good as the reality. You’d know all about that, wouldn’t you?”

What is the worst part of waiting for the perfect love to come? Is it the constant state of never knowing? It’s painful to be in a state of wanting something you don’t have. But its even more painful that along side finding the right person comes a secret that will mess up your whole happily ever after.

Kate dreams to find her own Prince Charming. She has seen how her best friend find her super hero and now she’s constantly wishing to find her own. She’s been to lots of blind dates, even joined an online dating site, thinking that love might just be one-click away. Only to be broken hearted over and over again by people who lied about themselves and their intensions.

How far is she willing to go to find him?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Zander since book one. To refresh your memory, Zander is the super hot, sexy, stripper and one of Mac’s friends with benefits in Temporary Bliss. But he’s no longer into that game anymore. Just like Kate, he too wishes to find his own fairytale. Can Kate be the forever kind of girl that he’s been looking for?

“I want the kind of crazy love we’ve been warned about. The kind of love that makes your heart skip a beat. The kind of love that makes you want to dance in the rain and bottle up the sunset while screaming at the top of your lungs. The kind of love that authors write about, musicians sing about and lovers dream about. I want true, total body mind and soul, bliss.”

Its pretty evident why BJ Harvey’s books are so popular to her fans. She has a knack for telling a good story and her happy ever after ending always leaves a nice, warm feeling in a cool night.

Kate and Zander has a smoking chemistry – these two could spark a bush fire with their heated looks and what starts as a burning fire inevitably builds to a blazing passion. But will their baggage and guilt burn the flame too fast? BJ Harvey expertly develops the tension and the characters to leave readers wondering this very question. While the novel is light-hearted in many aspects, this novel touches on the complexities of relationships and friendships.

I liked the slow-burn romance because it gave me hope that after the happy ending, you that Kate and Zander is a couple that would make it work beyond the pages. This is a well-written novel that left me warm and satisfied inside, but wanting more.

I loved loved this book! Oh, and the bonus scene from our favorite couple in book 1, Mac And D, just made this book even more interesting and worth grabbing! If you are looking for a book that is light, fun with lots and lots of fireworks, True Bliss is something that should top your list.


Indie Author hailing from the most beautiful country in the world, New Zealand. 

Avid reader, television watcher, and facebooker. Having been writing off and on for a long time but started writing fiction in 2012. I love music too, like REALLY love music, if there isn’t music playing, something is wrong. And it’s a wide range of music too, I might surprise you. 

I’m a wife to one husband, mother of two gorgeous girls, self-employed doing communications and business consulting as well as studying accounting full time. 

Addicted to energy drinks, chocolate, cronuts, Vampire Diaries and pickles with mustard. 


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