Book Review: Master Professor (Lessons From The Rack #1) @tarasueme @BerkleyPubMaster Professor by Tara Sue Me
Series: Lessons From The Rack #1
on April 4, 2017
Genres: Erotica
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Students are begging to be held after class...

Andie Lincoln is madly in love with Terrence Knight--her childhood friend-turned-Hollywood's newest golden boy. But he's a Dominant and wants her trained as a submissive before he'll consider a relationship with her. He enrolls her at the RACK Academy with strict instructions for her teachers: Do whatever you need to, but don't take her virginity.

Fulton Matthews, the director of incoming students, is enthralled by Andie. Though he questioned her enrollment at first, watching her discover her submissive nature is hotter than his most intense fantasy. Under his control, her sexual awakening brings him to his knees.

Yet they can go only so far. Andie belongs to another, and Fulton is bound by a contract that strictly forbids relationships between teachers and students. But when Terrence comes to collect his prize, Fulton discovers it's not easy to let Andie go. . .

How could such a man exist? There were too many parts that didn’t seem to fit together, but somehow did. The resulting combination created a man who was as quirky as he was seductive and as steadfast as he was bewildering. And to top it off had a body that was made for sex. Raw and hard and rough.

Fulton Matthews is all of those things, and so much more. This isn’t your typical student/teacher romance, oh no. This one has a darker element, a deliciously clandestined foundation. Andie Lincoln has just enrolled to spend three months of her life at the Rack Academy, a highly prestigious institution, immersing herself in BDSM academia.  The assigned curriculum, the delicate balance of Dominance and submission. Master Matthews instructs Andie in the art of pleasure, but the education he receives from her and she ultimately illustrates to him, rocks his world.

In the perfect preface of what will no doubt be another brilliant series from the amazingly talented Ms. Sueme, we scratch the surface of a brand new universe. A well thought out plot with a well developed cast of characters, touch on a wonderfully laid out ARC for the series. It’s well written, giving just the right amount of heat and angst keeping it enjoyable and real. The Master Professor is the perfect introductory course of what undoubtedly will become an education of awakening.


About Tara Sue Me

Tara Sue Me wrote her first novel at the age of twelve. It would be twenty years before she picked up her pen to write the second.

After completing several clean romances, she decided to try her hand at something spicier and started The Submissive. What began as a writing exercise quickly took on a life of its own and The Dominant and The Training soon followed. An avid reader of all types of fiction, she soon discovered she enjoyed writing a variety as well.

Tara lives in the Southeastern United States with her husband, two children, two dogs, and a cat.

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