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Mabel Armstrong is on the verge of giving up. But just when things feel bleakest, there seems to be a shift in the universe. People come out of the woodwork. Her ex won’t leave her alone. An old friend finally tries to become more. Even the cute guy at the coffee shop starts paying extra attention.
Maybe Maby is a heartbreaking, and at times, hilarious story about coping with loss, finding love in New York, and learning to recognize hope in the middle of it all.

Pushed to her limit, Maby learns that the only way to rebuild is to breakdown. Dealing with the loss of her mother and her mental state, Maby fights daily for stability. 

“I shake my fist at the universe, careful to not anger God in the process. I’m pretty sure he knows I’m crazy, so it’s probably okay.”

Numbers. They are never wrong. One plus one will always equal two. For a damaged person the control in numbers equals power. Maby pulls herself into a world of controlled chaos but what she is lacking is a sense to belong. To love again when it was pulled from her, leaving her blindsided. 

“Sometimes the loneliness is so thick, it threatens to choke me.”

Old love clouds her loneliness, menacing an already unbalanced life. Work and the daily pressure to just survive allow Maby little to no time to live. It is only when she looks with clearer eyes that she finds Coen, everything she needs but is afraid to take. 

“I have enough fear for the both of us.”

In passing Coen has been part of Maby’s life for close to two years, offering a smile and a kind word. Now Maby has to believe that she is enough, worth the fight. 

“I can see why you’re so special,” I tell him. “You’ve been adored your whole life, but also challenged to do something with yourself…no time for being spoiled, except with love.”

Please do yourself a favor and read this book. Maybe Maby is a reading experience that you don’t want to miss. Seeing so much of me in a main character was hunting and a little scary. Willow allowed me to relate to Maby’s issues, transporting me into the story. I felt as if I was interacting with them. The raw pain of love, loss, confusion and fear brought Maby to life. Maby was inspiring. Struggling to find herself in spite of her issues and working through them even when they threated to overcome her. Life is about learning from our mistakes, taking that knowledge and applying it as we move forward. Maby’s journey isn’t easy but Willow made it feel effortless.

Willow Aster is the author of True Love Story, In the Fields, and Maybe Maby. She lives with her husband and two kids on a tropical beach in paradise. Well, at least part of that is true … the rest is Story Lala Land, where Willow spends most of her time.

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