12 Days of Christmas featuring A Special Holiday Scene of Blair and Kevin from A kiss for Christmas by C.C. Wood (excerpt and giveaways)

Blair & Kevin from A Kiss For Christmas

Blair Bolton has lusted after Kevin Masters, her best friend’s older brother, for almost six years. She never thought he might feel the same.

One kiss under the mistletoe changes everything and Kevin realizes he can’t let Blair go. Now, he has to convince her they have something special, something that can last forever.

Blair swayed a little as she looked at the pictures and Kevin gently grasped her elbow. She jumped slightly when his hand cupped her and twisted her head to look up at him. Even in her four inch stilettos, Blair was almost six inches shorter than Kevin but he liked how tiny she felt next to him. She blinked up at him and smiled dreamily.
“I love these pictures. Your family always looks so happy.”
Kevin looked into her eyes and, without thought, touched her face with his free hand. “We usually are happy.”
For the first time in the years they had known each other, Blair leaned into Kevin’s touch. She didn’t realize it, but every time he got close to her, she usually tensed and shied away slightly. He tried not to let it bother him. He knew he was a big guy and that some women were intimidated by that but he hated that Blair might feel that way. When she leaned towards him and pushed her cheek against his hand, he felt triumphant.
“Where’s what’s-his-name?” he asked.
Blair looked up at him, her brow crinkled. It was an adorable look. “Who?”
“Your boyfriend?” he prodded, leaving his hand against her cheek.
She sighed. “We broke up. He wanted the perfect Stepford girlfriend and I wanted to kick him every time he ‘corrected’ my behavior, so we parted ways.”
Kevin stilled. He’d never much cared for Blair’s boyfriends, but he really worried when she started dating the last one. That guy had seemed genuinely nice, he was a doctor, and they seemed serious. Kaylie had confided in him that she thought Blair might be getting married. Something about the idea of Blair marrying some other guy made his gut hurt but he never would have acknowledged it.
Suddenly, he noticed Blair was looking above them and followed her gaze. Dangling from the ceiling was a huge sprig of mistletoe. Kevin grinned. Blair wasn’t dating the dipshit doctor anymore and they were standing together under the mistletoe. He tilted his chin down to look at Blair. She was looking at his face again, rather than the sprig above them, and her expression was still a little dreamy.
Gently, Kevin used his hands on her face to pull her forward. She stumbled into him and put her hands on his sides to help balance. Her eyes widened and her lips parted. Kevin decided that he really liked that look. It was even more adorable than her confused brow crinkle.
“Um, Kevin, what are you doing?” she asked.
He leaned forward and smelled the fruity scent of sweet wine on her breath. Kevin wondered if he would be able to taste it in her mouth.
“I’m kissing you under the mistletoe,” he murmured.
Blair tried to resist for a split second before she melted against his chest. Kevin realized he liked that even more than her facial expressions. Her body felt heavenly against his.
“Okay,” she whispered.
His lips touched hers lightly at first. Her mouth was so soft. Kevin moved his hands from her face down to her hips and around her back to pull her in closer. He swiped his tongue across her bottom lip. He really wanted her to open her mouth so he could see if she tasted as sweet as she smelled.

A native Texan, C.C. grew up either reading or playing the piano.

Years later, she’s still not grown up and doing the same things. Since the voices in her head never shut up, C.C. decided to try and profit from their crazy stories and started writing books.

Now that she has a baby girl at home, C.C.’s non-writing time is usually spent cleaning up poopy diapers or feeding the poop machine. Sometimes she teaches piano, cooks, or spends time bugging her hubby and two beagles.

12 Days of Christmas featuring A Special Holiday Scene of Ana & Elijah from Welcome to Sugartown by Carmen Jenner (excerpt and giveaways

Welcome to Sugartown

Ana & Elijah Special Christmas Scene

Ana Belle never wanted anything more than to hang up her apron, jump on her Vespa and ride off into the sunset, leaving Sugartown in the dust. 
Elijah Cade never wanted anything more than a hot meal, a side of hot arse and a soft place to lay his head at night where he could forget about his past. 
But you know what they say about wanting: you always want what you can’t have. 
Nineteen year-old virgin Ana is about to discover that’s not quite true because a six foot three, hotter than hell, tattooed, Aussie sex god just rode into town. He’s had a taste of her pie and he wants more– no really, Ana bakes pies for a living, get your mind out of the gutter. 
She’d be willing to hand over everything tied up in a big red bow, there’s just one problem; Elijah has secrets dirtier than last week’s underwear. Secrets that won’t just break Ana’s heart, but put her life at risk, too. When those secrets come to light, their relationship is pushed to breaking point. 
Add to that a psychotic nympho best friend, an overbearing father, a cuter than humanly possible kid brother, a wanton womanizing cousin, the ex from hell, and more pies than you could poke a … err … stick … at. 
And you thought small towns were boring. 
Welcome to Sugartown. 
*Content Warning. Intended for a mature 18+ audience. Contains explicit sex, oodles of profanity and a crap-tonne of AWKWARD.

A Welcome to Sugartown Christmas


“Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin Hood is gay, Wonder Woman lost her titties flying Jackson’s way—”
“Hey, Jackarse, if you don’t quit singing that freaking song I’m going to ram this candy cane right up your arse.” Holly yells above the ear-raping horror that is Jack’s singing and waves her big, fuck off candy cane in the air.
“Kinky.” Jack replies and goes about humming the tune just to fuck with her as he swigs back a mouthful of beer. Holly looks about ready to shank his stupid arse.
It never fails to amaze me just how fucked up those two are. I mean, Jesus, how screwed up can one relationship get?
Oh … right.
Dave the publican chuckles to himself from across the room. Apparently he and Bob have become close over this last year with everything that’s happened. I’ve certainly received enough phone calls from Dave to come pick Bob’s drunk arse up in the middle of the night before he tossed him out on the street. Dave’s pretty cool, he’s a little rough around the edges, but he’s a good guy. He sure as shit saw me hitting the bottle hard at the bar when Ana and I broke up and he was good enough about it to ignore the fact that on several occasions I’d reached my limit and needed to be thrown out. 
Ana comes and drapes herself over my lap and then rests her head on my shoulder—and sadly no, she’s not naked on account of her dad occupying the recliner beside us. Dude’s sitting in my favourite chair. I think about the night I made her come all over that seat and feel a smug sense of satisfaction before I remember Bob has this uncanny ability to tell what I’m thinking at the shittiest of times. Like last night as Ana bent over placing presents in front of the tree in that cute little sexy Santa nightie I bought for her and the skirt rode up to that spot just below her arse cheeks and I cleared my throat and pretended like I didn’t have a boner the size of the north pole, Bob had simply looked at me and uttered four words, “That’s my daughter kid.”
“Yeah, and I wanna fuck her every which way from Sunday,” had been my reply. Okay, I didn’t really say that. I might enjoy living on the edge but I aint got a bloody death wish.
I glance at the swallow necklace I gave her last year and run my fingertips over the matching set of tats on her wrists before softly kissing each of them. She stares up at me with that look that says she wants me to bend her over the dresser and show her the true meaning of giving.
I am one fucking lucky bastard.
While Bob nurses his eighth beer and Holly tears Jack a new one for singing that stupid fucking song again, Sammy rifles through the mountain of wrapping paper under the tree, searching for even more shit than he already got. We all kinda spoiled him this year, I know presents don’t count for shit when you have the kinda year he had, but I don’t know, I guess we all thought he deserved to have a good one.
I think the Christmas lollies must be kicking in because from outta nowhere he shoots up from beneath the tree and runs tearing from the room with a shout of, “I bet therths more prethenth hiding thomewhere.”
“You’d think he wouldda had enough with the bloody truckload of money I spent on him.”
“You did great, Dad.” Ana says and smiles over at Bob. He looks like he’s aged ten years in just one, and I’m reminded that it’s not just Sammy who’s been dealing with shit.
Dave pulls me into a conversation about fixing the carburettor in his shitty old Cileca when Sammy comes barrelling into the room clutching a box and screaming, “I found one, I found one!”
“Well who’s it from?” Ana asks.
“Thanta! Ith from Thanta Clauth!”
Sammy’s engrossed in tearing off the black packaging, it’s sorta like it’s been wrapped in black plastic.
“So you think if I swing by tomorrow you can take a look at it?” Dave asks, derailing my train of thought.
“Yeah, sure.” I mutter half-heartedly. I’m not really even paying attention on account of this weird feeling worming its way through my gut. Maybe I shouldda skipped that extra slice of Pavlova for desert?
Sammy’s still trying hard to get the package open, his tongue pokes out in concentration and he turns his back on us, I guess he doesn’t cope well under pressure.
“Thinally!” he shouts and the wrapping falls to the floor. Something’s not right here. 
I glance at it a moment before I really see it, see the bright pink post-it I attached in place of a present label.
Baby girl,
Saw this and thought of you.

It seems only right you should think of me when you use it. 

Love always,

Suck me off Santa. 

Oh shit!

“Ah, Sammy. That one’s not for you, buddy.”
“Cool. A butterfly fath mathsk!” He ignores me and tears into the bright pink packaging. “It even hath a remote control.”
I am a fucking dead man.
Ana turns to me with a questioning glance and whispers, “Butterfly face mask? Did you buy him that?”
“Not exactly.”
My seven year old mate faces the room and the beautiful pink Venus Butterfly that I bought so I could see my smoking hot woman getting herself off as she goes about her day is attached to his face. He hits the switch and the butterfly roars to life. I swear the buzz is so loud in the deathly quiet that it makes me want to cover my ears. Ana, Bob, Dave the publican, Jack and even Holly can do nothing but watch on in abject horror and then Sammy says, “Ha! Iths tickling my noths,” and the entire room erupts with laughter.
The whole room except Ana, who turns to me and voices exactly what I already knew, “You are a dead man.”
“Merry Christmas?” I say with a sheepish smile.
“Dead, Cade.”
Carmen Jenner is a thirty-something author, doctor, pilot and CIA agent.
She’s also a compulsive, flagrant prevaricator who gets to make things up for a living.
While Sugartown may not technically exist, Carmen grew up in a small Australian town just like it, and just like her characters, she always longed for something more.They didn’t have an Elijah Cade, though. If they did, you can be sure she would have never left.
Her debut novel,Welcome to Sugartown, releases November 3, 2013.
Catch up on all the news from the Sugartown Series at:
Keep a look out for the follow up novels in the Sugartown Series:

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12 Days of Christmas featuring A Special Holiday Scene of Schooner & Mia from Searching for Moore by Julie Richman (excerpt and giveaways)


Schooner & Mia Special Christmas Scene

Attended by reality TV star wannabes and Southern California social climbers, Schooner Moore knows the party his wife is throwing for his forty-third birthday has little to do with him and everything to do with her social standing in Orange County. The evening turns out to hold more surprises than just his wife’s Botoxed friends groping at his privates, when a conversation with his old college roommate, Beau, reveals the biggest surprise of the night.

Beau has had contact on Facebook with Mia Silver. Just hearing her name sends Schooner into a tailspin, as he is now just a Friend Request away from the one who got away when she disappeared without a goodbye, leaving him wondering why she left.

A serial failure at romance, Manhattan boutique ad agency owner, Mia, gets a blindside of her own when a Facebook Friend Request from first love, Schooner, appears in her email. Going with her gut reaction, Mia hits accept, propelling her past to catch up with her in a New York minute, as a forceful Schooner is determined to understand what tore them apart and to explore the possibility of a second chance at love.

From a 1980’s Southern California college campus and a devastating first love to present day New York City, Searching for Moore explores how technology has eradicated the divide between our past and our present, and asks whether you would give up everything to reconnect with The One in a single keystroke?

Prequel: The Christmas Before…
Lying on the soft down comforter they had dragged in front of the fireplace, he held her tightly to his still heaving, muscular chest. Kissing the top of her head, the way he always had, Schooner Moore worked to steady his breath as he listened to Mia trying to regain hers. 
“Do you have any idea of what you do to me, Baby Girl?”
Looking up at him, her ombre green eyes glistened in the fire’s light, “It’s smoochal.”
She knew how to make him smile. They had a language all their own, as if no one else existed when they were together.
Wrapping his arms around her tighter, this was a moment he already knew would become a memory that would forever be held close. Silently, from where they lie, they gazed out the floor to ceiling window, watching snowflakes dance in the lantern-shaped streetlights below, gently swirling and pirouetting around the glass enclosures before scurrying off on a gust of wind. Schooner knew that on this Christmas Eve, he was finally, for the first time in his life, experiencing Christmas as it had existed in his dreams. For over twenty years, holding Mia Silver in his arms was the present for which he had wished and waited.
“You want to go out and play in it, don’t you?” Mia’s devil smile was daring him.
“The last time I was in snow with you, you threw a snowball at my head.” He pulled her naked body on top of his, grabbing her ass and pressing her down onto him, so that she could feel her effect.
“Yes, I did,” she laughed at the twenty-something year old memory from back when they were in college. Grinding herself down onto him, still so sensitive from making love, she gasped, her eyes attesting to both the surprise and delight.
“I fell in love with you that day,” he admitted, spellbound, as he gazed up into her eyes. He had dreamed of her eyes for so very long and now they were returning every bit of love he was telegraphing at them.
“Well, you were late to that party, Pretty Boy.”
Throwing his head back with laughter, he was in awe of this woman. Pretty Boy. Ha. She was never afraid to call him out on his shit and he loved her for it. She loved him for him. Not because he looked like a movie star, or because he was built like an Olympic athlete, and she certainly wasn’t fazed that he was rich as sin. She saw through all the masks and loved him for what was behind them. Masks were never needed around her. With Mia, it was so easy just to be. As it always had been.
Flipping her onto her back, he pushed the curls from her eyes. “I’m never letting you go again, you know that.”
Her simple nod told him everything he needed to know. Everything he had waited over twenty years to hear. 
She was his. 
And he would never lose her again.
” ♫… if only in my dreams …♫ ” 
That iconic, melancholic phrase, one that got to him every single time he heard it, snapped him out of his reverie, just as the song was ending. Taking a deep breath of sea air and letting it out slowly, he realized he was daydreaming of her once again. 
Shaking his head to clear away the leftover vestiges of his fantasy, he acknowledged that it had been a while, a long while, since she had last invaded his thoughts. He didn’t let himself go there very often anymore. There was just no point.
Tonight, on Christmas Eve, he felt particularly alone as he sat on the deck of his sailboat, the lights of home, and Newport Beach Harbor, in the not too far distance. I’ll Be Home for Christmas playing on the radio turned out to be the trigger, the thing that sent him hurtling back in time, back to her.
Reaching for the bottle of single malt scotch, he freshened his drink. He was actually glad that no one had wanted to go out on a late night sail with him. He needed to be alone and yet, he didn’t end up alone. Tonight she had found him.
Under the stars, in the dark of night, was always when he felt closest to her. Bringing back ancient memories, memories that always elicited his real smile and a sting at the back of his eyes. The whole world had been before them as they would lie on a blanket on the grass at the center of their college campus, picking out constellations, laughing at the irreverent names they made up for them, looking for “signs” from the universe and dreaming of what the future was going to hold for them … together. 
A future that would never come to pass.
Looking up at the stars, Schooner called them out on their treason, “Liars,” he pointed at them, scotch glass still in hand, “freaking, twinkling little liars.”
Shaking his head at the sky, he knew it was time to call it a night, as he stepped down into the boat’s cockpit and started the engine for his journey home.
What Schooner did not see that night, as he turned away from the sky, was the heaven’s almost immediate response to his harsh reproach, with a very clear answer of its own. As if screaming at him in a language all its own, ranting about miracles and hope and faith and second chances, a bright white blaze streaked over his head, slashing the night sky. 
The universe had finally rewarded him with a sign.
But, on that lonely Christmas Eve, as Schooner Moore focused on making his way back to safe harbor, he never saw the universe’s unmistakable message.

Author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas. A creative writing major in college, reading and writing fiction has always been a passion. Julie began her corporate career in publishing in NYC and writing played a major role throughout her career as she created and wrote marketing, advertising, direct mail and fundraising materials for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. She is an award winning nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust. Julie and her husband have one son and a white German Shepherd named Juneau.

12 Days of Christmas featuring A Special Holiday Scene of Keiran and Brynn from Love Untouched (excerpt and giveaways)

Love Untouched
Kieran & Brynn Special Christmas Scene

An athlete on the verge of greatness.

A woman who hit the lowest point in her life and fought her way back to the top.

Twenty four year-old Kieran Stone, the country’s number 1 swimmer, has loved one woman all his life – only to have that love unreturned. He has resigned himself to the reality that when it comes to love, he will never be someone’s first choice.

Twenty three year-old Brynn Tanner, sister to the country’s number 2 swimmer Milo Tanner, has emerged from her own battle and won the fight. But to Milo, she remains his little sister.

Here’s the thing about fate – it can be a cruel master.

When Kieran and Brynn are brought together by an unlikely circumstance, it sparks an attraction that neither of them are prepared for, but neither of them can control.

Three fragile hearts. Two fierce rivals. One woman forced to make a choice.

How do you choose between the one you would fight for and the one you once lived for?

Holiday Shopping with Kieran and Brynn


“Honey we could have ordered everything online and just have them delivered to us…” For the fifth time, I stated my case, “Now we’re stuck in these long lines.”
Brynn ignored my diatribe. She’s been ignoring me for the past half hour.
She kept circling the store, comparing her coupons (she called them deals) to the items on the shelves, the walls, and basically, everything inside in this awful mess of a place. 
I’ve been carrying this tiny shopping basket and so far, she’s only put three things inside it. For the past hour and a half. 
Okay maybe I’m exaggerating. It sure felt like it though.
A tiny squeal left her mouth as she stopped in front of the baking display aisle and bent down. 
Oh dang, her ass looked mighty fine in those super skinny jeans she’s started wearing – Ava’s influence no doubt.
“This is it Kieran!” she exclaimed, “We’ve hit the motherload!” 
Hallelujah. Now we can leave.
She was holding the stainless steel whisk and ladle…Hold on, we woke up early this morning for a bunch of whisks and ladles? What the hell?
“We’re here for those?” 
She pursed her lips, raised an eyebrow, and zoomed her ocean-colored gaze on me, “Well Mr. Stone, I did not say you had to be here with me. As a matter of fact, I tried to dissuade you into coming with me. It’s you who insisted and kept saying, ‘It’s okay honey. I’ll brave those mad shoppers for you.’”
Crossing her arms over the green coat she was wearing, the precious whisks hanging awkwardly on the side, she added, “If you keep complaining, go back in the car. Get some sleep and I’ll be there as soon as I’m done.” Looking at the diamond wrist watch I’d given her for her birthday, “By soon I mean in about three more hours.”
Without waiting for my response, she placed three sets of the whisk and ladle inside the shopping basket, turned her back from me, and walked away.
Dang. Now I’m in the doghouse.
She’d wanted me to stay home but I didn’t want her shopping alone during the craziest shopping days of the year. Her best friend Ava was in Moscow. They usually went Christmas shopping together. I’ve seen Brynn looking at the computer numerous times in the past weeks and writing notes on her phone on what she wanted to shop for.
“Is that you Kieran Stone?” A woman almost screamed behind me. I looked around and gave her a smile. She put her phone up and took a picture of me. She was joined by teeny-boppers, ladies who looked like they’d slapped on a tub-full of makeup this early in the morning, and some guys who were probably their husbands or significant others. Guys who were dragged to this shopping frenzy like me. Well, fine, Brynn didn’t drag me. I had insisted. 
In a matter of minutes, a small crowd had gathered in a circle around me. I signed my name on the slips of paper, napkins, but politely refused to put ink on what looked like a used tissue. I felt slightly agitated and distracted because Brynn had walked away from me and I really should be apologizing to her right now. I’d hate for her to go wandering out and about without me, when I had promised her that I’d do this with her. 
I loved what I do. Swimming. Collecting medals. But there’s a part of it that I constantly struggled with – fame.
I’m happy that I can inspire people to reach their dreams, achieve their full potential. And I have no problem signing my name if it made them happy. 
But when the press started glorifying me, projecting my image into something akin to the legends of the sport, I found myself retreating from the spotlight. 
I measured success by my own standards. My own records against my own time. If it happened to be that I surpass precedent records, then that’s great.
I’m not a legend. Not yet.
As the crowd around me grew larger, a small hand clasped on my left arm. It’s the hand I knew by heart. A hand I cherished with everything I have. 
“I’m here.” She whispered against my left ear, her vanilla scent assailing my senses. 
Amid the huge crowd that has yet to thin out, she’s the person who could block it all out for me. Outside of the water, she’s my calm. 
The thing with Brynn is that she just knows when to be there for me. I didn’t have to call or look for her, she’s just there when I need her the most. I could sign hundreds even thousands of autographs if I knew she was here safely by my side.
I paused signing, catching a glimpse of the security personnel hovering in the back, most likely ensuring that everything was okay. Tucking the small shopping basket on my right elbow, I tugged on her waist, pulling her closer on my side. I kissed the top of her head and whispered, “I’m sorry.”
She tilted her head up, love and understanding shimmering in her blue eyes, “I know.” 
The holiday music was playing inside the store, slightly muted by the buzzing of the crowd around us. I acknowledged the gracious thanks from young and old alike as I signed autographs. Now and again, I eyed Brynn on my side, she was laughing, smiling, and talking to my fans like they’ve been friends forever. I even heard some of the women comparing recipes with her. 
The store manager came out to greet us and helped move the crowd to the corner of the store so as not to cause further disruptions to the flow of shopping inside the store. 
When the crowd had thinned to five people, a little boy wearing a blue USA Swimming t-shirt asked me to pose for a picture with him. I moved to the side and bent down so I could be at his level. 
“When I grow up I want to be like you.” his brown eyes reflected admiration, his tiny hands lifting in the air, asking for a hug. 
His mom, who was carrying two big shopping bags, chimed in, “You’re his hero. He watches the Olympics because of you.”
Hugging him back, I said, “I’m gonna let you in a little secret, buddy.”
His ears perking up, he whispered, “What?”
“You do your best in everything that you do and make your mom happy.” I stated, mussing his hair a bit. “That’s the key to winning.”
“Yep.” I replied. “And of course, you gotta practice a lot.”
“Of course duh.” He high-fived me and left jumping happily in his mother’s hold. 
After the last of the crowd left, Brynn pointed to a spot in the store. “The mistletoes are over there.”
Grinning, I said, “You wanting a kiss honey?”
She leaned closer to me, standing taller, her loose blonde hair brighter against the dark green coat, “I don’t need an excuse, a mistletoe, to kiss you.”
That’s right. 
She pressed her mouth closer to mine, giving me a slight peck, fully aware that while we both wanted to do more, we were outside, in public.
“I love you.” I said against the brush of her lips.
“I love you too.” 
It didn’t matter how many times I’ve heard those words coming out of her mouth. Each time felt special, just as meaningful as the first time she’s said them. 
She loved me for me. There was no doubt about it. All facets of me. The athlete, the man, the sometimes annoying, impatient boyfriend. 
I loved her for her. Every side of her. 
The generous nurse.
The obsessive baker. 
The amazing woman, survivor.

And one day, maybe someday soon, she will be, Brynn Marie Stone – my wife.


12 Days of Christmas featuring A Special Holiday Scene of Jason and Hadley from Picturing Perfect from Melissa Brown (excerpt and giveaways)

Picturing Perfect
Jason & Hadley Special Christmas Scene

Life may not turn out like we planned, but sometimes that’s what makes it perfect…
Hadley Foster has always been a planner. But, since the age of nineteen, things haven’t exactly gone according to plan… not at all. And the changes continue to mount when a trip to Europe with her best friend starts a domino effect in all aspects of her life. Suddenly, the future she had envisioned for herself seems unlikely to happen. It’s time to, make a new plan… or accept the dominoes as they fall.
Jason Kelly has a great life. He’s a successful self-published writer who’s living his dreams. But, something is missing. Hadley Foster. Letting her slip through his fingers is one of his biggest regrets. Over time, he had to accept the idea of being without his first love as he watched her fall in love with someone else.
When circumstances bring Jason and Hadley back into one another’s lives, they’re forced to deal with their past, their present and the possibility of a future together

Christmas with Jason and Hadley

“I think we may have gone a little overboard,” I said, inspecting the obscene pile of gifts for Marty under the tree. It was Christmas Eve and Jason and I were spending our very first Christmas together since getting engaged. Marty’s adoption was not yet official, but to us, we were officially a family. And our excitement probably caused us to get carried away.

“Nonsense,” Jason said, pushing his black rimmed glasses higher on his nose. God, I loved him. “He needs all this stuff.”

“You think so, huh?” I asked, putting my arm around his waist.

“Absolutely. Besides, it’s all from Santa.”

“He’s only fifteen months old. He doesn’t even get the concept yet,” I said with a laugh.

Jason removed my hand from his waist, took a dramatic step back and glared at me. His hands crossed defiantly over his chest, covering the hand drawn tree on his “Griswold Family Christmas” t-shirt.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk,” he said, shaking his handsome head at me.

“What?” I asked with an innocent smile.

“It’s our Christmas. Our first real Christmas living together and everything. It’s a big deal.”

I loved how sentimental my fiance was. The little things meant a lot to Jason. He was all about the details. Which is probably why he was such a good writer.

“I’m sorry,” I said hanging my head. “You’re right, it is.”

“And that’s why,” Jason said, leaning down to crouch next to the tree, “you need this.”

He picked up a small box wrapped with a simple red ribbon.

“What did you do?” I asked, my hands covering my mouth in surprise.

“It’s not a big deal. Okay, yeah, it kind of is,” he said, standing up and placing the box in my hand.

“Wait just a minute,” I said, giving the box back to him. “I have something for you, too.”

I ran to the bedroom to retrieve his gift from my closet. The large, thin box leaned against the wall of the closet, covered in snowman wrapping paper. I’d managed to find snowmen wearing hipster glasses. Just like Jason.

Holding the heavy box in my hand, I walked back to the living room to find Jason sitting on the couch. I sat beside him and placed the large gift in front of him.

“What is this?” he asked, a child-like expression on his handsome face.

“Just a little something I made.”

“I’m intrigued,” he said.

“Open it,” I insisted.

“No way,” he said, placing the tiny ribbon-wrapped box back into the palm of my hand “you first, Haddie.”

“All right,” I said with a smile. “If you insist.”

When I opened the box, I gasped.

“It’s so beautiful,” I said, marveling at the gorgeous silver charm bracelet inside the box. I picked it up to inspect all of the charms, each one had significance and meaning. Each one was a part of our story. Hipster glasses, a tree, and ampersand symbol, Marty’s birth stone and little blue footprints.

“Jase, I just… I can’t get over how thoughtful you are. Seriously.”

“It was fun to make it. And Marty helped.”

“He did?” I asked, surprised.

“Well, he slept most of the time. But he was there,” he said with a chuckle.

“That’s enough for me.” I placed a kiss on his lips. “Thank you. This is exquisite.”

“Just like you,” he said, placing another kiss on my eager lips. My hands instinctively wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer. His tongue stroked against my top lip, asking to deepen the kiss. I happily obliged, stroking his tongue with my own. Feeling desire build within me as his hands raked through my curls.

“Wait, wait,” I said between kisses. “Your gift.”

“Later,” he said, pulling my lips back to his, pushing me into the soft cushions of the couch. He took his glasses off, placing them on the table behind the couch. Just as his fingers began to tug at the strings of my cotton pajama pants, I pushed them away.

“No, seriously. I want you to open it.”

“If you insist,” he said, putting his glasses back on as he pretended to glare at me with his gorgeous green eyes.

“Wow, this is heavy,” he said, lifting the large box so it laid flat on his lap.

“Fragile, too,” I said with a smile.

Slowly, Jason peeled at the corners of the gift. When after several seconds, he’d only revealed one corner of the box, I felt my fingers drumming against in my knee in anticipation.

“You can go a little faster,” I said, nudging him in the arm.


He tore open the rest of the paper, revealing his gift. A shadow box with his book covers pinned to the cork. Surrounding the book covers were some of his favorite reviews typed up on cardstock and also pinned to the cork. He stared in awe.

“Woah,” he said before staring at it in silence for several minutes.

“Does that mean you like it?”

“Like it? No…that word doesn’t even come close. Haddie, this is the nicest gift I’ve ever received.”

“I thought we could hang it over the couch.”

“Really? Will our friends think I’ve let things go to my head?”

“Your last book was on the New York Times list, Jase. You should be proud of everything you’ve accomplished. I know I am.”

“Thanks, Haddie.”

“Merry Christmas, Jase.” I said, planting another kiss on his cheek and nuzzling into his neck. He kissed the top of my head before wrapping his arms around me. We stared at the glowing lights of the tree.

“Merry Christmas, my love. Merry Christmas.”

I have always been fascinated with books—-ever since I was a little girl sitting in front of my record player, following along with my huge 12×12 storybooks.
I love books—everything about them. I love reading them, being surrounded by them in bookstores and libraries, and most recently, writing some of my own.
“Bouquet Toss” is available as an e-book and paperback on It is a story that is very close to my heart, one that was very cathartic to write and has opened me up to all sorts of writing possibilities.
“Champagne Toast” is a companion book to Bouquet Toss and was released on January 8th and is also available as an e-book and paperback through amazon.

12 Days of Christmas featuring A Special Holiday Scene of Scarlett and Mace from Tattered Love by Lola Stark (excerpt and giveaways)

Tattered Love 
Scarlett & Mace Special Christmas Scene

When ex-Special Ops bad-ass Mace walks into Needle’s Kiss tattoo parlour, he never expected to find the girl who would turn his life upside down.
Hard as nails Scarlett has been unlucky in love: she’s been burnt, chewed up and spat out. Reluctant to have another relationship, can she keep her wits about her when hot-as-sin Mace walks into her tattoo parlor? Or will he break her down and leave his mark within her ink?
What starts out as a little fun, turns into something so much more.
Can Scarlett look beyond Mace’s devastating past or will his demons come back to haunt them both?
Content warning: contains steamy, anywhere-goes sex, an alcohol induced embarrassing night out and two headstrong lovers taken on a whirlwind of crazy.

( Scarlett & Mace)
“I think you should wear this later but without half of it,” I whispered in her ear as she melted in my arms. It never ceased to amaze me how she would do that whenever I wrapped my arms around her. She made me feel like I was her protective shield. 
“I think you might be onto something, but as of now, I have two dozen guests who’ll be wondering where the food is if I don’t get it out there soon,” she grumbled and bent forward at the waist leaning into the refrigerator for more trays of food. This served to give me more than one idea of how I’d like to bang her senseless in the cute-as-fuck Christmas costume she had on. Red fuck-me heels with knee-high candy cane striped stockings, covered her sexy legs. These, teamed with a tiny tutu-like green skirt and a white torn-up tank top with the words ‘I’ve ben naughty, spank me nice.’ across her full tits, left me with a raging hard on. 
“I’m pretty sure I’m hungrier than they are,” I growled digging my fingers into her hips; my pants became a whole lot tighter in the crotch. Her perky ass pushing back into my hard on sent a rush of blood directly from one head to the other. “If I don’t get in there soon, I’m thinking I might bust a nut, babe.” 
Scarlett stood back up with a tray of food in each hand and held them out for me to take. With a grumble, I took them and slid them onto the counter behind us, turning back around in time to catch the smirk she shot my way. Yeah, she knew she had me by the balls and it didn’t bother me in the least. She could paint them with glitter and hang them on the Christmas tree for all I cared, so long as she had her hands on them. 
“You need to stop rubbing your junk up on me until our guests leave,” she chastised pushing her hips back into mine in order to close the fridge.
“Tease,” I pouted almost pathetically while spinning her around so she faced me. I ghosted my fingers down her body, and then slowly up the backs of her thighs stopping millimetres from her tiny, green silk panties that read ‘Naughty’ across the ass. I’d had these on my mind since I saw her slipping them on earlier that morning while I poked my head out of the shower like a peeping Tom.
“I’m merely building the anticipation. That’s all,” she snickered and wrapped her arms around my neck. “You know we have this entire house full of people and we are the hosts; it’s almost rude to not be in there.” She pointed out running her nails through the back of my hair. 
“I’m thinking they’ve seen you in this thing you’re wearing and most definitely noticed the boner I’ve been sporting all damn day, so they might thank you for taking care of it.” I licked my lips and traced a line down her throat as I spoke. Her pulse picked up and her nipples were visible through her top. The occasional hitch in her breath edged me on. I grabbed a handful of her butt in each hand, and took a long stride forward pressing her up against the fridge. My hips pushed forward and ground into hers eliciting a soft mew of understanding.
“I think you might be on to something. I’d be doing them a favour, right?” she asked digging her nails into my scalp with one hand, and running the other across my neck. The mixture of both sensations sent my dick from hard to stone solid in seconds. I lifted her off her feet and she wrapped her legs around my hips. One of her hands shot down between us making quick work of my belt and jeans buttons as I walked us into the large pantry and closed the door behind us. 
“Fuck, you’re hot. I’ve been eye-fucking you all damn day, baby.” I pulled her underwear to the side and slid my fingers in to her tight pussy without warning causing her to cry out in bliss and clamp down on my hand. She was always so freaking ready for me; the woman rivalled my sex drive and then some. 
My teeth slid across her bare shoulder where her tank had fallen down. My plan to tease her flew right out the window when she freed my dick and began pumping her soft hand up and down a few times. I dropped my head down to meet hers, and with a moan, crushed my mouth to her red pouty lips, invading her mouth and taking the sweet taste of cherries on her tongue. 
Scarlett bit down on my lip with a long drawn out moan when I flicked at her clit ring. Moving my hands to her ass, I sat her on the very edge of the closest shelf. The hand she had between us came up to my bicep when I shifted her shirt up just enough to feel skin on skin. “Hold on tight, babe,” I growled into her mouth, our breaths coming in heavy pants. I didn’t give her a chance to respond. Instead, I moved my hips back an inch and slammed home; balls deep, rocking the contents off the shelf and almost losing my shit when her mouth dropped open and her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

With my teeth gritted, I pulled back and took a deep breath; she had me so fucking worked up I was ready to blow my load already. Scarlett shifted her hips slightly pulling up so our chests were pressed as close to each other as we could get. She dug her nails into my arms and clung onto my shoulders. Looking up at me, she bit down on her bottom lip and whimpered, “I need you to fuck me hard, Mace.” Her words shot straight to my balls and completely shattered my restraint. I growled low and deep and started to pound into her relentlessly. Sweat running down my back, I gripped her hip with one hand and her ass with the other bringing her forward to meet each one of my rough thrusts until she bit down on my shoulder with a muffled cry of release.
I dropped my head to her neck. “Gahhh, fuckkk, Baby. Fuckkk!” I shouted into her skin to muffle the sound. Panting and sweat slicked, I waited a few beats for Scarlett to come back to Earth before brushing back the hair from her forehead and dropping a few soft kisses to her lips. “You okay?” I asked watching her glazed eyes. 
“Best. Christmas. Ever,” she mumbled before a round of applause and wolf whistling started from the kitchen.

Lola Stark lives in Australia, Is an at home mummy with no filter raising a hoard of minions and a husband who sometimes appears not to have grown up. Lola has loved to read for as long as she can remember. When not wrangling the family she can be found sitting at her computer , writing, facebooking or just generally messing around.

Upcoming Author of ‘Needles Kiss’ series. A sexy contemporary romance/erotica series. Stay tuned for updates on Book one ‘Tattered Love’s Scarlett and Mace’s story.
Here’s to tatted up ladies and hard as nails men !
With all things going as planned there will be 4 books to this first series with the possibility of another spin off series to follow 




We’ve come to the last part of our 4-day celebration and for the our last blow, we celebrate it with someone with whom we have shared our many FIRSTS!
TBA’s first ever trailer
TBA’s first ever Blog Tour
TBA’s first ever FB Event
The last trailer we have made just before our birthday!
Let’s take a trip down memory lane of our memorable posts with KATIE ASHLEY.

(you can still enter Jasinda and R.K. Lilley’s giveaway at the end of this post)

(remake video)

Blog Tour Recap, Jan 11-18, 2013




Today we feature one of TBA’s favorites, Jasinda and Jack Wilder.
Let’s take a look of our fondest memories with the Wilders!

(if you want to win The Blackstone Affair Series signed paperback, 
the Raine Miller giveaway is posted at the end of this post)
Big Girls Do It
*Don’t miss the sequel to this series Big Girls Do It Married.*

***Enjoy all four of the Big Girls Do It stories in one volume, with special expanded scenes available only in this collection!***

~Big Girls Do It Better
Gorgeous, rock-star guys like Chase Delany don’t go for girls like me. They go for supermodels and actresses, skinny-girls who never eat and spend all day working out. I’m not that girl. So when he locked his fiery brown eyes on me for the first time, I couldn’t quite believe it was really happening to me. 

It was the second night I spent with him that I’ll never forget. 

~The Long Drive Home (bonus short story)

~Big Girls Do It Wetter
Chase went to New York…without me. It was only one night, one delicious, sinful night, but it awakened something within me, and now, with him gone, I have no one to satiate my sudden, ferocious hunger. Then I woke up one day and looked at someone near and dear to me in a whole new light. And my world was rocked once again.

~Big Girls Do It Wilder
I’m going. Going to New York City to be with gorgeous, mysterious, rockstar Chase Delany seemed like a crazy dream, a fantasy come true. The bright lights and music, and his tight, sexy leather pants called to me…and I answered. Chase might want more and I just might give it to him, if I could only forget what I started with Jeff back in Detroit.

I thought I had my love life all figured out, I thought I knew what I wanted, and then things went and changed on me all over again…

~Big Girls Do It On Top
I fled New York with my heart breaking and a million questions. Foremost in my mind was whether Jeff would even see me after the colossal mess that New York turned out to be. 

I discovered the answer, but that only spawned even more questions, many of the yes or no variety…

Big Girls full series reading order: 
Big Girls Do It (#1 Better, #2 Wetter, #3 Wilder and #4 On Top) 
Big Girls Do It Married
Big Girls Do It On Christmas 
Rock Stars Do It Harder
Rock Stars Do It Dirty
Rock Stars Do It Forever
Big Girls Do It Pregnant

Falling Into You

I wasn’t always in love with Colton Calloway; I was in love with his younger brother, Kyle, first. Kyle was my first one true love, my first in every way.
Then, one stormy August night, he died, and the person I was died with him.

Colton didn’t teach me how to live. He didn’t heal the pain. He didn’t make it okay. He taught me how to hurt, how to not be okay, and, eventually, how to let go.

Falling Into Us
A standalone, parallel novel to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling Falling Into You
When Kyle Calloway died, he took a part of Nell with him. She wasn’t the only one left to pick up the pieces, however; Kyle’s death left a gaping hole in the hearts and lives of his parents and his older brother Colton, and ultimately broke the will of the girl he loved.

Becca de Rosa is Nell’s best friend. When Kyle died, Nell was so devastated that no one could reach her, not even her best friend Becca. As she tries to help Nell through her grief, Becca’s own life is thrust into turmoil, and everything she knows is changed.

Jason Dorsey asked Nell out the week after her sixteenth birthday, but that date never happened. Instead, he ended up going out with Nell’s best friend, Becca. He had no way of knowing, then, how that one date would send him on a life-long journey with Becca. He had no way of knowing the tragedies and triumphs he would experience, or that in Becca, he might find the love of a lifetime.


NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling book!

He’s a movie star sex god. She’s a virgin… and a stripper.

So how did I get myself into this situation, you ask? Simple: desperation. When you’re faced with being homeless and hungry or taking off your clothes for money, the choice is easier than you’d imagine. That doesn’t make it easy, though. Oh no. I hate it, in fact. There’s nothing I’d like more than to quit and never go into another bar again, never hear the techno beat pulsing in my ears again, never feel the lecherous gazes of horny men again.

Then, one day, I meet a man. He’s in my club, front and center. He watches me do my routine, and his gaze is full of hunger. Not the kind of desire I’m used to though. It’s something different. Something hotter, deeper, and more possessive. I know who he is; of course I do. Everyone knows who Dawson Kellor is. He’s People Magazine’s Sexiest Man alive. He’s the hottest actor in Hollywood. He’s the man hand-picked for the role of Rhett Butler in the long-awaited remake of Gone With the Wind. 

He’s the kind of man who can have any woman in the entire world with a mere crook of his finger. So what’s he doing looking at me like he has to have me? And how do I resist him when he looks at me with those intoxicating, changeable, quicksilver eyes? 

I’m a virgin, and he’s an American icon of male sexuality. I’m a stripper, and he’s a man used to getting anything and everything he wants. And he wants me. I know I should say no, I know he’s the worst kind of player…but what my mind knows, my body and my heart may not.

And then things get complicated.

The Missionary
Ex-Navy SEAL Stone Pressfield had a bad feeling about the proposed missions trip to Manila, Philippines. The college-age church group plans to go to Manila and help victims of the sex-trafficking industry. Stone’s lingering nightmare memories about the sex-trafficking industry has him warning church leaders that the trip is a bad idea. He knows all too well that it could end in violence, and those involved aren’t to be trifled with.
When beautiful Wren Morgan goes missing, he has a sick feeling that he knows exactly who took her, and for what purpose. The problem is, Wren isn’t just any other student. She’s someone he was close to, someone he cares about. Now she’s in the hands of cruel, evil men, and Stone is the only one who can rescue her before the unthinkable happens.


Ethan Blackstone and Brynne Bennett have been household names in the book community and in TBA’s existence. So for the first day of our anniversary celebration, we want to share our love for this wonderful couple with you. Goodluck and enjoy!

Naked (The Blackstone Affair #1)
Brynne Bennett is living the good life. An American art student at the University of London and part-time photographic model, she’s putting her life back on track with school and lots of hard work. When ultra successful London businessman, Ethan Blackstone, buys her nude portrait, he isn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. He wants Brynne in his bed and makes plans to keep her there no matter what. His dominant nature captivates and ensnares despite the demons she carries inside her. But there are secrets in this relationship. Huge ones. Can Ethan free Brynne from the past that has marked her? Will Brynne let him or will the specters tormenting her resurface to destroy them both.
All In (The Blackstone Affair #2) 
The second part in The Blackstone Affair series! Looming danger. A love worth fighting for. A man who’ll go all in.
Ethan Blackstone has a problem on his hands. He’s broken Brynne’s trust and she’s left him. He’s unwilling to live without her and isn’t giving up—he’s dead-set on getting his beautiful American girl back. The passion between them was explosive, but the secrets they hid from each other are dark and chilling and are powerful enough to destroy their shot at a life together. With political threats now directed at Brynne, Ethan is running out of time and he’ll need to gather all his strength and agility to protect her from the dangers that could take her away from him forever. Will Ethan be able to save Brynne from a past that keeps her locked in fear? Will he ever feel the warmth of her touch, the solidity of her trust again? This is a love-struck man who is willing to do whatever it takes to possess the heart of the woman he loves. He’ll go to any lengths to protect her. He’ll go all in. 
Here is the fiery story of what happens when two people surrender to a love so great it can heal the scars of the past and give way to a life of pure, rapturous ecstasy. 
   GoodreadsAmazon | B&N
Eyes Wide Open
The third part in The Blackstone Affair series: A love on the brink of being destroyed. The fight of a lifetime to keep it alive.
Big surprises are on the horizon for Ethan and Brynne as they struggle to adjust to what life has thrown at them. Demons from the past are threatening to destroy the passionate bond they’ve forged despite their vow that nothing will ever keep them apart. A truly devastating loss coupled with the promise of a new hope opens their eyes to what is most important, but is it possible for the lovers to move on from the painful histories that continue to haunt them? A stalker is still lurking in the shadows, plotting evil amidst the distraction of the 2012 Olympic games in London. Brynne and Ethan are on the cusp of losing everything as the stakes rise. Will they yield to circumstances beyond their control or will they give every ounce of fight they have left to save each other and win the ultimate prize of a life together?
Eyes Wide Open is a passion-wrought story that shows us what pure love can achieve when tested and what the heart can accomplish despite danger and adversity.
Raine Miller has been reading romance novels since she picked up that first Barbara Cartland book at the tender age of thirteen. And it’s a safe bet she’ll never stop, because now she writes them too! Granted Raine’s stories are edgy enough to turn Ms. Cartland in her grave, but to her way of thinking, a hot, sexy hero never goes out of fashion. A part-time teacher and writer of sexy romance stories every other chance she gets pretty much fills her days. She has a handsome prince of a husband, and two brilliant sons to pull her back into the real world if the writing takes her too far away. Her sons know she likes to write stories, but gratefully have never asked to read any, thank God! Raine loves to hear from readers and to chat about the characters in her books.

Other Books of Raine Miller


Blog Tour: Give Me Strength by Katie McCarthy (review and giveaways)

Title: Give Me Strength (Give Me #2) 
Author: Kate McCarthy 
Genre: Romantic Suspense 18+ 
Publication Date: September 16, 2013 
Cover Designed By: Cover Design: Okay Creations

Quinn Salisbury doesn’t think she’s cut out for this whole living thing. Even as a young girl she struggled. Just when she thinks she’s found a way to leave her violent past behind her, the only thing that’s kept her going is ripped away, leaving her damaged and heartbroken. 
Four years later, she is slowly rebuilding her life and lands a job as an assistant band manager to Jamieson, the hot new Australian act climbing their way to the top of the charts. There she meets Travis Valentine, the charismatic older brother of her boss, Mac. 
From his commanding charm to his confidence and passion, Travis is everything Quinn believes is too good for her, and despite her apprehension, she finds their attraction undeniable and intense. 
When her past resurfaces, it complicates their relationship. Instead of reaching out for help, Quinn pushes Travis away, until a staggering secret is revealed that leaves her fighting for her very life. 
Torn between running and opening her heart to the man determined to have her, can Quinn find the strength within herself to fight for her future?

Superb! I really enjoyed this book. I felt like I was getting four stories and 8 lives entwined in one and Kate McCarthy did a great job conveying everyone’s emotions.

Quinn was definitely emotionless in the beginning but her being emotionless and stern stems from her background and from all the tragic things that happened to her in the past. Losing the only person who had loved and accepted her; the only person who has showed her things in life that worth living; teaching her how to trust and love again, Quinn has little left that she cares about. Only until she met the one person who revives that kind of feeling, Travis.

“I was too damaged for someone like Travis–broken, missing pieces that would never be found, and put back together in a way that never quite fit properly.” 

Travis was made so deliciously that I could rip him from the pages of the book. His character brings a lot of energy and passion to the story, and his strong views in life and his heartfelt attempts to protect and do what’s right are endearing and contagious.

“Life is hard, Quinn, and the hardest part is being yourself in a world of people trying to make you someone you’re not.”

“I want to see you smile, and I want to touch you again and feel you burn brighter than the sun while I’m doing it.” 

These two characters get into what feels like authentic passion but Quinn keeps on running, because it’s the only way she knew she could protect her friends and loved ones from the impending danger caused by her past. She has this stubborn wall that was a bit hard to break down but Travis took matters into his hands and did a bit of chasing.

“But I can only fight for you for so long before you have to start fighting for yourself, and for us, and it hurts that you won’t even try. I know I said I’d be strong for you, and I always will be whether you want me to or not, but you have to be strong too because I need you just as much.”

Ms. McCarthy’s writing is sharp and to the point. At first it may seem like it’s just a light-hearted and “cotton candy” read, but not at all. It has deep meaning, morals, and at times will make you smile & laugh. I truly love how the story concluded because their love was almost a tearjerker. Loving someone regardless of what they bring to the table was nice to see. Travis and Quinn’s love story had a certain build up and certain parts that would make you feel frustrated because you are really routing for their love to prevail.

“You gave me everything that helped me find myself. Your support gave me confidence, your determination made me fight, and your strength helped me find my own.”

I always find it a plus point when I’m reading a story within a story. Mac, Evie, Henry, Cooper, Tim, Casey, Jared, Lucy and the rest of the supporting characters created a good chemistry and made the story even more interesting. A perfect way to weave in and out between the main characters. There’s just something about them that I absolutely love that readers will be quickly drawn and would want to learn more about these spunky characters.

Give Me Strength will not disappoint you. I fell in love with everyone and the meaning behind the story.

If you are after a story with fun, great characters with real emotions; something that is easy to relate to and easy to feel, then this impressive and incredible book is the right one for you.

Kate McCarthy grew up in a small town outside of Port Macquarie, Australia. Raised in a house just a
short walk to the beach, Kate enjoyed the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere and friendships that come from being raised in a friendly, small town area. 
She now resides in Brisbane, Australia, a city in the state of Queensland where she works as an accountant, along with a sideline wedding cake business and her writing. 
She is married with two children, has two dogs and house in the suburbs, and a pile of friends and family dotted all over the country that help keep her sane. 
When she’s not busy running after naughty kids, filthy dogs, crunching numbers, piping buttercream and writing books, you can find her curled up in bed in the early hours of the morning reading new books and re-reading old favourites. Her favourite books are the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward in which she longs to eventually join the brotherhood and change her name to Phierce Mutha. 
Connect with the Author: Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Goodreads