“You are my now, always, forever”
-Kristen Proby, Come Away With Me
Holy Mother of Heart! This is freaking hot!!!
Are you sure it’s a debut novel Kristen Proby? Are you f*** serious? Cause it looks more like a pro to me…like someone who’s been doing it her whole life! The writing style, the flow of the story, how the characters were presented were just insanely AWESOME!
Well who doesn’t want  a happy ending? This only proves that a good book doesn’t really need a lot of complications, a whole lot of twists and turns just to satisfy the pallets of the readers. Yeah, the story was simple yet it will literally get you hooked from end to end.
The story is basically about two people who found love unexpectedly. They started out at the wrong foot, when while Natalie, a photographer by profession was taking pictures of  the beautifu scenery, was surprisingly confronted by a gorgeous, mysterious guy named Luke who mistakenly thought that she was taking pictures of him. Clearly surprised that she wasn’t, he profusely apologized and offer her out to breakfast to make it up from him being a total douche bag!
Natalie is a very strong character, she says what she wants and does what she thinks is right. She’s been through hell during her early days and those circumstances were very evident in her body, where every tattoo significantly meant something. I don’t think I have ever fallen in love this hard to any female character. Most of the times the guys get the swooning! But man! Natalie is someone you should look forward to. She’s just so irresistible and Kristen did a very good job in keeping her uniquely interesting all through out the story.
Oh, but did i mention about the hot scenes? Explicitly sexy! Airplane sex, desk sex, skinny dipping, name it and you will have it here…done in a very artistic and tasteful manner.
This book will surely satisfy your cravings for a good book, so what are you still waiting for? Go grab your copies now!


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