Title: The Healers
Author: Lynsie Buchanan
Release Date: April 26th, 2013
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During the reign of the Greek Gods, there was Asclepius, the God of Healing. Upon his death two groups battled, the Healers and the Hunters. Healers, those with true healing magic, scattered among the continents for safety from the Hunters. Now, in present day, the Healers are searching to find all of their blood line. The Hunters are searching, too.

Magic flows from Layna’s hands, but trusting anyone with her secret is not possible. Leo, her longtime friend, is determined to become more and Layna believes she wants that. Everything changes when she meets Alexander, the guard supposedly sent for her. There is something that draws them together, but is it real? Faced with a new reality of what her magic means and threats on her life, Layna must choose where her loyalties lie. Who is out to hurt her and who can she trust?

I peeked out the side window and just as he said, there were two police officers and Alexander. I walked over to the door with my gun still in hand. That’s when I remembered to disengage the alarm. A question popped out of my thoughts again. Why didn’t the alarm go off? Not that it had helped much in this situation. I felt relief at seeing the police and began to open the door. My eyes immediately went to Alexander.

Tall, dark and handsome. Oh lord…Is this really what I succumbed to? He was wearing long pants that looked like loungewear and a white tee shirt. And that incredible buzz I had gotten the first time I saw him seemed to kick into full effect again. Great to know it was him that caused my insides to flutter. His eyes seemed to look me over in a protective way. I didn’t need his protection and I stood a little taller to exert my independence. Well, that was the impression I tried to give. I did feel a little overwhelmed as I stared into those deep and dark dravite shaded tourmaline eyes of his. So overwhelmed, in fact, that I started to feel little prickles in my chest and noticed that my emotions were promptly being displayed since I lacked a bra.

Nice. It did not go without notice either as all the men’s eyes looked up into my face. I felt the color rise in my cheeks and then one of the officers spoke. Or rather shouted, “Drop the weapon!” as he pointed his gun at me. What? Oh, right. There was a gun in my hand.

I’m a red headed Texan girl that writes adult romance novels. After spending way too much money on getting degrees in education (bachelors, masters, no ph.D yet), I realized that while I loved teaching, I needed a creative outlet for my smuttiness 😉 Somehow, I have struck a chaotic balance. Teacher by day…steamy romance writer by night. I daydream a lot, drink wine, gossip about juicy plots with my friends and obsessively read. Check my blog for my latest favorite reads, what I’m writing, and other crazy things I encounter. My debut novel, The Healers, hits the digital Amazon shelves on April 26 and will be on Barnes and Noble soon after.

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