“If you’re scared, tell me. If you need to cry and scream, then do it. And you sure as hell don’t walk away from us because you think it would be better for me. Here’s the reality, Echo: I want to be by your side. If you want to go to the mall stark naked so you can show the world your scars, then let me hold your hand. If you want to see your mom, then tell me that too. I may not always understand, but damn, baby, I’ll try.” 
― Katie McGarryPushing the Limits

How can it be so wrong when it feels so right?

I’ve had this book for quite a while now but haven’t picked it up for I wasn’t so sure if I’d like the story line…but it turned out to be something very interesting that I’d stay up till midnight just to finish it!
Noah and Echo have been desperately wanting to live a normal life…again! With all those excess baggage they had in the past, living “normal” has been way too hard for them.

It dealt with deep issues of violence, death, mental health, peer pressure, family drama and the challenges faced by foster kids. Its was definitely a reality check for me.It was a nice combination of love, romance but also addressed some real life issues. Just the right amount of tension between the main characters and it was all good and satisfying.

I think we all have a part of Noah and Echo inside us. We often get blinded of the idea of a picture perfect life, that we tend to bust our ass, no matter what it takes to have it. But a happy life is not a perfect life! Surely there will be a lot of issues, a lot of struggles and moments of failure. Life itself is a continuous journey to know that everything happens for a reason. So what else to do than learn to go with the flow, look at the bigger picture of life and appreciate what’s working for you. Knowing life can’t be perfect, we must accept and embrace everything that comes with it…and knowing we can’t be perfect either, we have to settle to strive to being the best we could be!


watch out for Beth’s side of story,
expected release 2013

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