Review: Off the Grid (The Lost Platoon) by Monica McCarty @monicamccarty @BerkleyRomance

Review: Off the Grid (The Lost Platoon) by Monica McCarty @monicamccarty @BerkleyRomanceby Monica McCarty
on June 3, 2018

A hunt for dangerous secrets leads to explosive chemistry in this exhilarating romantic suspense novel from the New York Times bestselling author of Going Dark.
A team of Navy SEALs go on a mission and disappear without a trace--they are The Lost Platoon.
Investigative reporter Brittany Blake may have stumbled upon the story of a lifetime in her search for her missing brother. When he seemingly disappears overnight, she refuses to accept the Navy's less-than-satisfying explanation. She begins her own investigation, which leads her to top-secret SEAL teams, covert ops, and a possible cover up...
John Donovan is having trouble biding his time, waiting for his Commanding Officer to figure out who set up their platoon. John's best friend and BUD/S partner, Brandon Blake, was one of the many lives tragically lost in the attack against his team. When Brandon's sister, Brittany, tracks John down, looking for answers, he realizes that she may be their best bet--or bait--for finding out who is targeting SEAL Team Nine.

What happens when a clandestine Navy SEAL team’s mission goes horribly wrong? Nothing as far as the government is concerned.

Investigative reporter Britany Blake doesn’t agree, her writing a sequence of articles about the missing SEAL team Nine angers the wrong people. Through a series of clues, some happened upon and others delivered to her door, Brittany knows something isn’t as it seems and her conspiracy plot isn’t as farfetched as officials would have her believe. This is personal for her, her brother Brandon is one of the illicit SEAL team, and she fears the worst.

John Donovan has been a SEAL all of his life when things go horribly wrong. He and his few surviving brothers must go Off the Grid to survive and capture those responsible for the covert cover up. They go incognito, while attempting to determine the miscalculation. Questions lead to danger, and danger lead to more questions. The biggest threat is keeping his best friends sister quiet while alive when she lands herself right in the middle of the action.

In a complex quest for the missing platoon, disaster, action, and passion ensue. You are escorted through a dual storyline while the cast tries to assemble the pieces of this romantic suspense before someone else ends up dead. I’ve enjoyed the series so far and found this book more relatable than the first. Personally I loved every word. It was well written, well thought out and I’m anxiously awaiting the conclusion that will hopefully finally bring these boys home.

About Monica McCarty

Monica is the New York Times Bestselling Author of 20 (and counting!) Scottish Historical Romances and 2 Regency Romances. Her interest in the Scottish clan system began in the most unlikely of places: a comparative legal history course at Stanford Law School. After a short, but enjoyable, stint practicing law, she realized that mixing a legal career with her husband’s transitory career as a professional baseball player was not exactly a match made in heaven. So she “traded” in her legal briefs for Scottish Historical Romances with sexy lads in plaid! When not trekking across the moors and rocky seascapes of Scotland, Monica can be found in Northern California with her husband, two children, and their very adorable dog.

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