Review: The First Mistake by Sandie Jones @realsandiejones @StMartinsPressThe First Mistake on June 11, 2019
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From Sandie Jones, the author of the Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick and New York Times bestseller The Other Woman, comes an addictively readable new domestic suspense about a wife, her husband, and the woman who is supposedly her best friend.

THE WIFE: For Alice, life has never been better. With her second husband, she has a successful business, two children, and a beautiful house.
HER HUSBAND: Alice knows that life could have been different if her first husband had lived, but Nathan’s arrival into her life gave her back the happiness she craved.
HER BEST FRIEND: Through the ups and downs of life, from celebratory nights out to comforting each other through loss, Alice knows that with her best friend Beth by her side, they can survive anything together. So when Nathan starts acting strangely, Alice turns to Beth for help. But soon, Alice begins to wonder whether her trust has been misplaced . . .
The first mistake could be her last.
Praise for The Other Woman:
"One of the most twisted and entertaining plots."—Reese Witherspoon
"A perfect beach read."—Kristin Hannah
"Whiplash-inducing."—New York Times Book Review
"Such fun you'll cheer [Emily's] chutzpah."—PEOPLE
"This thriller will hit close to home."—Refinery29

The First Mistake was a solid, enjoyable read for me. It didn’t have the wow factor I went in expecting but definitely kept me guessing. The shift from first person to third in the middle had me setting the book down more than I had in the previous section. The switch stalled the momentum and things really didn’t pick up until the narrative changed back. I loved both Beth and Nathan’s character development but found Alice’s anxiety and neediness a little overdone. The ending wrapped everything up to a satisfying conclusion. I was intrigued by the breadcrumbs and would recommend this to anyone looking for an exciting beach read.

About the Author:

I’ve been a freelance journalist for 20 years and there isn’t a part of this job that I don’t love. From the pitch to the research and from the interview to the write-up, I still get a buzz from doing what I do.

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