5 stars

BOOK REVIEW: Delayed Penalty by Shey Stahl

A minor penalty that is not called until the offending team gains control of the puck. As long as the non-offending team maintains possession, the referee allows play to continue and signals a delayed penalty by raising his arm.

I’m Evan Mason, an NHL hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks. I spend my nights roughing up two hundred pound defensemen and, at times, spend more time in the penalty box than I do on the ice.
That’s my job. 
One night changed everything I thought I once knew about my life on, and off, the ice.
A girl. 
A brutally beaten girl left to die in an alley.
I don’t know why or how but something made me stay that night after taking her to the hospital. I didn’t know her, nor did I have an obligation to stay but something inside of me rooted me there telling me I should stay. Saving a life is worth something. At least I thought so. And I wouldn’t have been me if I just simply left her there. 
Any man who put his heart and soul into a game of hockey couldn’t just walk away when someone needed them. She had no one else right now. The same guy who saw determination where there was desire, now saw hope where there was once despair.
I couldn’t leave. That wouldn’t be me. No, not a man that put all he had into something some called just a game. I couldn’t walk away from her holding onto life, weak and powerless to something she had no control over.
So I stayed. In a room full of family members praying for their loved ones to pull through, I prayed for a girl I didn’t know and had never met before, to have a beating heart. While others’ sorrows turned to grieving pain, I sat waiting on the words of the unknown.
No bond is stronger than the ones you’ll bleed for.


I loved, LOVED this book! There is something about athletes in books that just make me swoon. Shey Stahl’s writing is amazing! I am not very familiar with hockey but I feel like I know so much about it after reading this book.

Evan Mason is an NHL Defenseman who was walking to his place one night after a hanging out with his hockey player friends. He felt something pull him towards an alley and there he finds a girl who was badly beaten and left almost to die. He brings her to the hospital and from there, he could not leave her. This story is full of heart, angst, and funny moments. I was laughing one minute, angry another minute, and crying at another second. I felt a wide array of emotions while reading this book because of how Ms. Stahl delivers the story in such a wonderful way.

The story is told on both POV and as a reader, I was able to get into the minds of the characters. Evan is a mature 21 y.o. and Ami is young at 18 but the tragic experiences that she has suffered has made her tough in life. The characters are relatable and the secondary characters have so much personalities that I am looking forward to the next books in the Crossing the Line Series.
The cover is very appropriate for the story. I believe that the guy in the cover is Evan Mason – he is young, hot, and blue-eyed. And in his eyes, you can see his determination and principles that he stood for all throughout the book. I really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for more!

BLOG TOUR: Jet by Jay Crownover (Review and Giveaways)

Title: Jet (A Marked Men Novel #2)
Author:  Jay Crownover
Genre: New Adult
Publication Date:  May 28, 2013
Event organized by: Literati Literature Lovers   http://literatiliteraturelovers.com

With his tight leather pants and a sharp edge that makes him dangerous, Jet Keller is every girl’s rock and roll fantasy. But Ayden Cross is done walking on the wild side with bad boys. She doesn’t want to give in to the heat she sees in Jet’s dark, haunted eyes. She’s afraid of getting burned from the sparks of their spontaneous combustion, even as his touch sets her on fire.

Jet can’t resist the Southern Belle with mile-long legs in cowboy boots who defies his every expectation. Yet the closer he feels to Ayden, the less he seems to know her. While he’s tempted to get under her skin and undo her in every way, he knows firsthand what happens to two people with very different ideas about relationships.

Will the blaze burn into an enduring love. . . or will it consume their dreams and turn them to ashes?

Note:  UK and Australia:  Jet’s release date has been moved to June 20th.

JET. Where do I start with this book? 

Ahh-ma-zing! Let me start of by saying that Jet will be put into my list of book boyfriends. Now that’s out of the way, I’d like to give you something substantial here. After all, I am writing a review.
The cover is not your typical book-rocker cover. And, I think this is one of the best features of the book. It shows you that Jet can connect to you on a realistic level – that rockers are not all hard abs and muscles (though there’s nothing wrong about them). He’s a guy who loves rock and he “rolls” with his band. There are many facets to Jet’s personality and I think Ms. Crownover is adept at making the readers connect to him. He is deep and troubled but he’s also a very nice guy. He’s a bad boy but he has a lot of heart. The juxtaposition of his many sides makes him such a complex character to read about and I had fun discovering what makes him tick. And Ayden, the Southern belle with the mile-long legs, makes Jet tick and twist in all the good and bad places.
Ayden’s a very interesting girl. She has a secret that she’s trying to run away from. Her past is something that she’d like to forget. But, in order for her to have any type of future with Jet, she has to face her demons and open up to him about them. She’s a very strong girl and such a great heroine. I loved her character so much! I always like strong and capable women in my books and Ayden is one hell of a girl. She is caught between her feelings for Jet and her indecisiveness to let him know about her past. And when she finally does tell him, Jet reacts in a way that the readers would not expect and the story unfolds into another twist and you cannot help but want to read the book in one sitting.

I thoroughly enjoyed the plot. The author did such a great job in keeping the readers in suspense. There were steamy scenes and there was a lot of sexual tension in the book. There were lots of funny moments too that made me fall off the chair and cry in tears (of joy). The storyline is distinct, unique, and has the author’s special way of writing stamped all over it. I think the author’s writing is flawless and exceptional. I’ve highlighted a lot of quotes in this book, just like I did in Rule.

I look forward to reading more and more of Jay Crownover’s books. Her Marked Men Series has the makings of a great and unforgettable series and I’m super stoked to learn that she is now writing full-time because honestly, seriously, unequivocally, I cannot wait for Rome’s story next.

5+++++Stars. Not enough stars for this!!!!

Jay Crownover is the bestselling author of Rule. Like the characters in her Marked Men series, she is a big fan of tattoos. She loves music and wishes she could be a rock star, but since she has no aptitude for singing or instrument playing, she’ll settle for writing stories with interesting characters and that make the reader feel something. She lives in Colorado with her three dogs.

BOOK REVIEW: Eyes Wide Open by Raine Miller (Plus our Top 10 Best Moments of Ethan & Brynne)

May 14th, 2013

The third part in The Blackstone Affair series: A love on the brink of being destroyed. The fight of a lifetime to keep it alive. 

Big surprises are on the horizon for Ethan and Brynne as they struggle to adjust to what life has thrown at them. Demons from the past are threatening to destroy the passionate bond they’ve forged despite their vow that nothing will ever keep them apart. A truly devastating loss coupled with the promise of a new hope opens their eyes to what is most important, but is it possible for the lovers to move on from the painful histories that continue to haunt them? A stalker is still lurking in the shadows, plotting evil amidst the distraction of the 2012 Olympic games in London. Brynne and Ethan are on the cusp of losing everything as the stakes rise. Will they yield to circumstances beyond their control or will they give every ounce of fight they have left to save each other and win the ultimate prize of a life together? 

Eyes Wide Open is a passion-wrought story that shows us what pure love can achieve when tested and what the heart can accomplish despite danger and adversity. 

Holy hotness!! Eyes Wide Open now tops my list of all time favorite reads. That. Is. All. 
Ethan Blackstone is the James Dean of book boyfriends. Yes, that’s right, the James Dean of book boyfriends. Riane Miller is a genius and has done a phenomenal job taking all the qualities a woman could ever want in a man and multiplying them to the tenth degree. The alpha male with a soft side, the sex god with a heart? My insides are laying in a puddle at my feet!!! This book took over my life and I now have a new hobby… I now spend my time looking for my “Ethan.” Every song I hear makes me think of him and all books I read find me comparing the male character to the “man of my dreams.” My life will never be the same. Who doesn’t want Ethan to bury himself in her and get lost inside of them? I’m fairly certain I am not the only woman out there in dire need of a panty change after this book!!! 
It’s true. This book rocked my world. The first two books impeccably laid out the characters of Brynne and Ethan causing us to become vested in their story. They became familiar, people we
desperately cared about. We knew them, we related and we wanted them to succeed. Neither was perfect, but yet they were so perfect for each other. Eyes Wide Open took already adored characters and gave them so many new elements and layers. It tied up all the loose ends perfectly and gave us the the missing pieces in understanding the rawness that made them so real. It picked up right where the last book left off and left us sitting on the edge of our seats. Now throw in some amazing curve balls, and it was a roller coaster of emotions. This was an intensely erotic love story, full of passion, angst, and beautifully tender moments. The love these two have for one another can not be surpassed, it can’t be swayed or broken. They learned not only to trust each other, but to trust themselves in the process. Their love opened their eyes to a future of endless possibilities. Their eyes are now wide open.
Riane Miller has a true gift of pen to paper. Her words perfectly portrayed an amazing love story of two people, each with a past and each with demons, but showed us that sometimes true love really can conquer all. Sometimes love is enough. I can not wait to read the next installment of The Blackstone Affair. The possibilities of what will happen next has my insides all a flutter. 
Take a number girls because I am first in line to volunteer to be Ethan’s “Beautiful American Girl.” 
Uhm… Yes please! **SWOON** 5 SHINING STARS
Raine Miller has been reading romance novels since she picked up that first Barbara Cartland book at the tender age of thirteen. And it’s a safe bet she’ll never stop, because now she writes them too! Granted Raine’s stories are edgy enough to turn Ms. Cartland in her grave, but to her way of thinking, a hot, sexy hero never goes out of fashion. A part-time teacher and writer of sexy romance stories every other chance she gets pretty much fills her days. She has a handsome prince of a husband, and two brilliant sons to pull her back into the real world if the writing takes her too far away. Her sons know she likes to write stories, but gratefully have never asked to read any, thank God! Raine loves to hear from readers and to chat about the characters in her books. 

BLOG TOUR: Taken by Storm by Kelli Maine (Book Trailer, Review and Giveaway)

The emotional rollercoaster of the USA TODAY bestselling Give & Take series by Kelli Maine continues with MJ and Maddie’s story! 


Maddie Simcoe knows the devastation that comes from keeping secrets. Now, she’s desperate to move on from the heartbreak that almost destroyed her — trading wild passion that once made her knees weak for a life of comfortable stability. But before Maddie can start over, she must return home to put the past behind her once and for all…


When Maddie blows back into MJ Rocha’s life, nothing will stop him from proving to her that walking away from him was the biggest mistake of her life — not even the engagement ring she wears. Her every look, every touch tells MJ that the fire that once raged between them still burns hot, and MJ won’t give up until Maddie gives in to the inferno. 


Trapped by a hurricane roaring through Turtle Tear Island, MJ and Maddie find shelter in each others’ arms. While the lightning flashes, MJ and Maddie are helpless to fight bonds of desire that tie them together. But just as they’re about to surrender to the torturous longing that consumes them both, the storm unleashes violent secrets from MJ’s past…secrets that could wash away all MJ and Maddie’s hopes of forever…



Barnes & Noble


When leaving is the only option you have been given, how could you make him understand? 

It wasn’t an easy choice for Maddie. She never wanted to hurt MJ but leaving is the only sane choice left to protect him from getting hurt and from him knowing the truth. 

She knows she could never turn back the pages of time. She couldn’t change the past. She knows she couldn’t be with him without her telling him the secrets that were not meant to be discovered. But those same secrets have start weighing heavily upon her. 

It was never a secret how much I love this series. I have always been a fan of Kelli Maine’s writing from Taken, No Take Backs until this third installment, Taken by Storm. I have waited so long for this book and I would have to say that Kelli did not disappoint. It was all worth the wait. Kelli Maine’s ability to get me into the head of her characters is phenomenal. It is an incredible story that kept me on the edge of my seat at every moment. This book kept me reading until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I had to get to the end. I love this kind of mystic story and fell right into it, and enjoyed it very much. I found myself being drawn into the story and anxiously awaiting to see what next revelation was going to unfold for MJ and Maddie. This story had its scary moments, but so much more was involved, there was the unique blend of romance and love, and what one does for love. When I thought I had the mystery figured out, Kelli managed to throw me off with another unexpected turn of events! If you are looking for a story that is full of intrigue, then you will want to get this now!


USA Today Bestselling author, Kelli Maine, spends humid summers and frigid winters in Ohio glued to her laptop keyboard. Taken, a USA Today Bestseller, Nook Bestseller and Indie Reader Top Ten Bestseller, is the first in the Give and Take series and Kelli’s debut erotic romance. No Take Backs: A Taken Novella is Taken’s follow up. Taken By Storm is next in the series, followed by Take Me Back and Given. Additional books and novellas are planned for the series.


BLOG TOUR: Don’t Hate The Player…Hate The Game by Katie Ashley Review and Giveaways

Title: Don’t Hate the Player 
Author: Katie Ashley 
Genre: Young Adult 
Publication Date: April 30, 2013 
Event organized by: Literati Literature Lovers 

For Noah Sullivan being the best friend to a douchebag and player like Jake Nelson has never been easy. It’s been a rocky road since kindergarten when Jake duct taped Noah to his chair before recess. With just six weeks to high school graduation, Jake accidentally blows his drunken ass up on his grandfather’s tractor, and Noah finds himself immersed not only in a whirlwind of grief, but on a quest to find a mystery girl from Jake’s past.

While cleaning out Jake’s room, Noah and Jake’s dad make a startling discovery. Instead of the obligatory porn collection or pot stash, they find a ring, but not just any ring. Its half a carat of commitment in a platinum setting-proving even man whores have taste. After Jake’s mom pleads with Noah to find the girl who meant so much to Jake, Noah begins a modern day Grail quest to track the girl down.

Since Jake was a notorious player with a legendary collection of trophy panties, Noah finds himself in over his head. There are the usual suspects like Avery, the Ice Princess Jake dated for appearances, or Presley, the school mattress Jake dated for convenience. But the trail begins to point to the most unlikely of suspects: Maddie, the Valedictorian and choir girl who was trying to help the unmotivated jock graduate–the girl who also has surprisingly caught Noah’s eye and meddled with his heart.

Hanging out with Maddie shows Noah a different side of Jake–one that was deeply human and surprisingly douche-free. And the more he tries to solve the mystery of the ring and of Jake, the more Noah starts to discover about himself and of love.

for the complete TOUR SCHEDULE, click here

It is never easy to write a book that captures the essence of every single emotion. To talk about love and friendship and everything that takes place in between is never something that can be done without wrenching the way you feel about them. I have always admired authors who can manage to do this  because it takes a lot out of them to dig in and generate stories that resonate long after you have finished the book. This is what Katie Ashley does best! 
The story begins kinda slow that it lets you see how things got to where they did. But once that is shaken off, the book somersaults into various kinds of emotions and that is where the narrative is the strongest. The story speaks a lot of language…love, loss, forgiveness, grief, friendship, family, fears and taking chances…
What is even more interesting is how Katie manages to stick her story inside all of these and make each and every character stand out. The writing is dynamic, with a lot happening on almost every page that made me spent almost overnight reading…savor every word page by page and moment by moment.
“As I stood there trying desperately to steady myself, a realization washed over me. This time I 

didn’t bother fighting the bile rising in my throat. Instead, I heaved the entire contents of the 

cafeteria’s shitty lunch onto the emerald grass. Over and over again, I threw up as if I were trying 

to purge myself of the dark feelings overtaking me. 

Jake is dead. 

My best friend is dead.”

This gripping story will literally make you cry in places but makes up for it with its comical parts.

“I want you to find the girl who this ring belongs to. Even though Jake didn’t get the chance to give 

it to her, I want her to have it.” 

I stopped myself from blurting, “Are you insane, Mrs. Nelson? I know you loved your little boy, but 

he was a major panty chasing manwhore! I’d have better luck finding all the girls he deflowered or 

potentially gave an STD to than the one girl he might actually have had feelings for!”

I also loved how the relationship among the characters especially Noah and his Mom was strongly conveyed in the story. The challenges of being a single parent, the changes that was about to happen in their lives and how they were able to cope with it gave this story added depth and interesting facet.

“Noah, I know that things are about to change, and our lives will never be the same. For almost 

eighteen years it’s been just you and me.” 

“Yeah, it has.” 

When Mom took my hand in hers, I braced myself. She was about to lay some serious shit on me. 

“I just want you to know that I’ve thanked God every day for giving me you. Even though you 
weren’t planned and the situation was hard, I wouldn’t trade any of it for a second. You’ve been 
the greatest accomplishment of my life.”

I thought the romance between Noah and Maddie was realistically and movingly handled. It was simple yet captivating. You can feel the chill, the pain, the awe as Noah finally admits to Maddie about the secret and his mission to find the girl who owns the ring, and how he was able to finally confess his true feelings for her. And it’s these set of emotions that keep the drama going and made my heart pulsating.

“There’s something else I need to say—something I should have said to you yesterday an even 

weeks before that.” Gently, I traced my thumb over her cheekbone. “Madelyn Elizabeth Parker, I 

am truly, madly, and deeply in love with you.” 

I’ve been in love with you since the day I saw you after Jake died. You appeared to me like an 

angel, and in a way, you have been my angel. You are so beautiful sometimes that it stuns me, and 

it leaves me speechless. When you smile that smile that spreads across your face and brings out 

your dimples, it makes my heart melt.” I leaned in closer to where my breath brushed against her 
cheek. “You’ve been my beacon of light in my storm of grief, and I don’t know if I could live without 

Katie doesn’t only write books. She tells stories that impart valuable life lessons, bring us hope, lift our spirits, and make us smile.

 A must read for all. I totally recommend this one wholeheartedly.

Katie Ashley is the New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon Best-Selling author of The Proposition. She lives outside of Atlanta, Georgia with her two very spoiled dogs and one outnumbered cat. She has a slight obsession with Pinterest, The Golden Girls, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Supernatural, Designing Women, and Scooby-Doo.

She spent 11 1/2 years educating the Youth of America aka teaching MS and HS English until she left to write full time in December 2012.

She also writes Young Adult fiction under the name Krista Ashe.

REVIEW: The Last Hour by Charles Sheehan – Miles

                        The Last Hour
“Twenty-seven year old Carrie Thompson-Sherman has the life she always wanted: her PhD, a prestigious fellowship, and an amazing husband.

Her life begins to unravel as a jealous colleague puts her fellowship in jeopardy and a haunting secret Ray Sherman carried home from Afghanistan comes to light.

Hounded by a federal investigation and the ensuing media feeding frenzy, Carrie and Ray desperately lean on each other, until a disastrous accident puts both Ray and her sister’s lives at risk.

In the last hour, Carrie and Ray will each find themselves faced with a choice.

A choice that will change everything “

Book three in The Thompson Sisters Series pulls on your heart strings while playing a symphony of words that will touch the depths of your soul. This is truly a story like no other that I have read. It is original and different (in a good way). Charles Sheehan – Miles did and amazing job of writing a love story that gives you heart but also gives you gritty reality. Life is not peaches and cream 100% of the time and love is no different. 

 This is a different kind of love story.  Both Carrie and Ray touch each other’s life at the right moment and they both learn a little about themselves in the process.  The word soulmate was created for these two!  A devastating accident finds both characters evaluating the past to deal with the present.  I have to be honest I demanded a fellow blogger to tell me the end.  I don’t normally this but when I was well into chapter 3 I had to know because it was killing me because I was reading with a heavy heart.  Knowing allowed me to appreciate the book and keep an open mind while reading the rest of the story. 

Carrie was a wonderfully written character.  If I learned anything from the first two books I learned that the Thompson sisters are the epitome of strength.  The taste of Carrie in the first two books is nowhere near the remarkable woman presented in The Last Hour.  I look forward to seeing her grow throughout the rest of the series.  Ray’s character also spoke to me on a level like no other.  Know first hand the pain and pride that a military life creates I was able to relate to his struggle.  The courageousness that Ray encompassed was unlike anything I have read and make me want to call my father and thank him for being the solider in my life.   I found peace when I read the last words of The Last Hour.  Life is never easy but sometime you can find beauty in the pain.  This is a must read along with the first two books of the series.  Charles’ male perspective of female emotions allows a refreshing take on a modern day love story.  This story deserves a medal of honor but will have to make due with 5 stars.

About the author:

Charles has been a soldier, nonprofit executive, short order cook, IT manager and run a restaurant. He doesn’t believe in specialization. He currently works as a communications and outreach specialist for a law firm representing disabled veterans.

Charles lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife Veronica and their two children.

Where to find Charles:
Pick up the book:

BLOG TOUR: Rock My Bed by Michelle Valentine Book Trailer, Review and Giveaways

Everything always seems to fall into place for twenty-four year-old Aubrey Jenson, except for when it comes to her luck with men. Bad boys always draw her in and crush her heart, and Black Falcon’s lead guitarist, Riff, is no exception. After sharing a few wild nights together, she leaves him behind, knowing a guy like Riff isn’t the relationship type, merely just a play thing. 

When she returns to New York, she tries to get the passion she felt in Riff’s arms out of her head by dating Isaac, a successful representative at Center Stage Marketing. Just when she thinks she’s forgotten Riff, she’s forced to see him again when her best friend, Lanie, ropes her into being a bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding to Black Falcon front man, Noel. 

Sparks fly instantly between Aubrey and Riff when they’re forced to reunite, and suddenly she finds herself caught between the man that’s good for her and the one who completely rocks her in every way.

**New Adult Romance–Book 2 in the Black Falcon series. This book can be read without reading book one.**

Pam: Hey Cris so are you ready for this? *jumping up and down* 
Cris: Really? What now Pam? I really think that you may have some issues! *folds arms and leans against the wall* 
Pam: Oh Cris! *shaking head* you know you love me and my crazy ideas! I don’t think a cross country road trip to see Black Falcon is at all crazy. We are stocked with Oreos and milk! What better way to rock out? So get your butt in the car because we have a show to catch! 
Cris: *snicker* Well we always have fun so ok let’s roll! Just don’t make me moon anyone or any other stupid ideas that may pop up in that crazy head of yours!  
Pam: You know me by now doll! Skies the limit! * cheshire cat grin* 
The car is packed and Black Falcon is turned up to an 11 on the sound system, windows down and hitting the highway 
Cris: So can we talk about the book? 
Pam: Fo sho! *passes a bag of Oreos to Cris* First Riff! Yummy! *fans face* Trust me if I got my hands on a golden ticket I would be happier than Augustus Gloop in Wonka’s Chocolate factory! 
Cris: huh! You bet! I’d kill to have that freaking ticket! LOL Im head over heels for Riff. That boy is sooo damn hot! Imagine reading the book 3 times in a row? I just can’t get enough of him. Sure we loved Noel in the first book. But Riff has gotten under my skin, it isn’t funny anymore! I’m seriously in Riff withdrawal mmm let me rephrase that…Rock My Bed withdrawal! How bout you Pam? 
Pam: I love that with Rock My Bed that we got a second look at the whole Noel and Lane story. I think that Michelle did an amazing job of pulling both stories together. I so feel in love with Riff in this story and to see his side of the Noel/Sophie issue really showed that he was a kind and loving person! 
Cris: Ditto! I love that almost everyone in Book 1 were still part of it. Michelle was able to put a spotlight for each even introducing another character, Isaac, but without overshadowing the main characters. Riff and Aubrey’s story still stood out. Both characters are so interesting to read. One is looking for love while the other is running away from it. 
Pam: He was so pained *sighs* but Michelle wrote him so endearing. It was impossible for Aubrey not to fall for him! 

Cris: His character is very complicated. He has suffered so much in the past that pushed him not to believe in love anymore. He was so broken, I wanted to hug him everytime he mentions about his past. And I guess you would agree with me that Oreos have a deeper meaning to us now. Bahaha 
Pam: HEY! There is a semi coming…ready? *the new game…air guitar truck honks! Cris puts on your best rocker performance and we are counting how many semi honks we collect* 
Cris: Really!?!?! 
Pam: Yes come on! We will never see these people again! 
I turn of the tunes and Cris is giving her best Riff while Pam is pumping a fist out the driver’s side window 
Pam: Score! Whats that 10 or 11? 
Cris: 11! Ok back to important things! 
Pam: Ok! *turns radio down* what were you thoughts on Aubrey? Both her and Riff had a lot to deal with in this book. It always amazes me that everyone no matter what your background or life style is has a personal battle that they are at odds with. 
Pam: A lot of time we spend our life running from the one thing we need the most and always try to mold to what we think is best but sadly in the end the only person we hurt is ourselves. At times I was yelling at my iPad…Really Aubrey!! He is a rock god! Get with the program! 
Cris: I agree with you there. But let’s admit that even though sometimes I wanted to kick her ass too, Aubrey’s character is irresistibly adorable. She’s not your typical female lead who has a weak character. She knows what she wants and knows how to play her game. And I loved her for that. 
Pam: Over all I think that this book far passed anything I could hope for both Riff and Aubrey! It made my heart hurt, made me laugh and just reaffirmed why we all love a bad boy rocker! *raises hands* I bow to the rocker gods! 
Cris: It may be a better idea if you keep your hands on the wheel! 
Pam: Not down for the church of Black Falcon? *laughing to the point of tears* So you tell me? What was your overall feeling about Rock My Bed? *picks up her bottle of milk as a make shift microphone for Cris* you’re live…spill it doll! 
Cris: Well I have said it and will say it again. The BEST yet so far! I loved books 1 and 2, no doubt about it! But I gotta say that Michelle has exceedingly managed to provide us with enough plot resolution and character development to make the novel satisfying in a self contained-way. This book goes to my top favorite list! And I cant wait for the next ones to be out!
Pam: Ok enough play. We have lots of miles to cover if we expect to make it to the show and we need a fill-up
Cris: *flips open an empty bag of Oreos* Make that gas and Oreos! 
Pam: Why didn’t you say so earlier? *sigh*I bet if Riff was here we would never run out of Oreos! 
Cris: Well right now we are out and unless you plan on one cranky Black Flacon fan for the rest of this trip *points to herself* you better pull this car in to the nearest 7/11. 
Pam: Well we don’t want that now do we!

 photo tumblr_lrha7mN13j1qme44t_zpsa6aa9df4.gif

New York Times Best Selling author Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned author of erotic romance of forthcoming novels ROCK THE HEART (2012) and ROCK MY BED (2013). Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos and sexy musicians inspired her BLACK FALCON series.

Rock My Bed on Goodreads: 
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The Final Piece by Maggi Myers

Music is a continuation of souls. It helps us heal, it helps us morn, it is there when we are sad and it is there when we are happy. Form page one of The Final Piece by Maggi Myers I knew music would be an additional character in this book, but what I didn’t expect was the very large box of tissue I would need. After reading this book I have a new found love of what a “real family” is.

“Life shouldn’t be about picking up the pieces.

Beth Bradshaw has spent her life hiding from her tragic past. From the moment a trusted family friend steals her innocence until the moment another rescues her, she struggles to just survive.

Surrounded by the comfort and protection of her extended family, Beth embarks on a journey of healing far from the horrors of her home. In her darkest moments, she meets a boy named Ryan. For one incredible summer, Ryan shows Beth what it’s like to act her own age.

To feel free and let go.
If only for a while.

Years later, another tragedy threatens to shatter the life Beth has carefully crafted. When faced, yet again, with more pieces to pick up, Beth begins to question what her choices have cost her.
Leaving her old life behind, she sets forth on a pilgrimage that will bring her back to boy she could never forget. He wants to help her pick up the pieces of her life, but is she willing to do what it takes to become whole again?

Can she trust him with a piece of herself?”

Dealing with subjects like abuse in any form is a fine line to walk and Maggi Myers was able to craft a story that shows you the tragedy along with the survival that follows. Beth is broken and the people she should turn to, her mom and dad, are not the safe haven she is looking for. It takes her extend family and some “self made” family to show her that she is important and worth the fight.

Enter Ryan! At the age of 17 most boys only care about one thing and that is not the security and welfare of a girl two years is junior. The moment Beth showed up early for her summer visit Ryan took notice of what she desired and that was trust. Ryan was the man to give it to her just that. As a survivor life is hard and Beth is learning that once love grabs hold of your heart there is no looking back.

I fell in love with Ryan from the beginning. Through this whole story I wanted to climb into my Kindle and grab both Beth and Ryan let them know that everything will be ok! Maggi created two characters that become a part of you as this story unfolds. You feel are there with them. I felt Beth’s pain and need to survive. The need to create a life you think you should live and only let a select few, if any, know the true you and Ryan wanting to step up to be the be the better man but life happens and love takes over.

Maggi thank you for a brilliant story that showed me what I have known all along…family is the anchor that holds you and allows you to live your life. I love connecting with a book and this is a book that did that not only though words but with music. So please excuse me while I head to iTunes to download the music from Maggi’s playlist for this book. I know that in the future I will be docking my iPod and playing the music that inspired this story as I re-read Maggi’s well-crafted words.

“We are all broken in one way or another. It’s how we put those pieces back together that matter.”

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover Review

Well Cris and I decided to take our reviewing skills to the beach. Why don’t you join us?

Pam- It is nice to take some time to relax. Don’t you agree?

Cris- How can I relax I just read Hopeless by Colleen Hoover!! I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest by the Salvatore brothers! Did you read it like I told you to?

Pam- I did! I have told you before that Colleen Hoover can write an instruction manual and I would give it 5 stars. This new book has a great story. Let me refresh your memory.

“Sometimes discovering the truth can leave you more hopeless than believing the lies…
That’s what Sky realizes after she meets Dean Holder. A guy with a reputation that rivals her own and an uncanny ability to invoke feelings in her she’s never had before. He terrifies her and captivates her all in the span of one encounter, and something about the way he makes her feel sparks buried memories from a past she wishes could just stay buried.

Sky struggles to keep him at a distance knowing he’s nothing but trouble, but Holder insists on learning everything about her. After finally caving to his unwavering pursuit, Sky soon finds that Holder isn’t at all who he’s been claiming to be. When the secrets he’s been keeping are finally revealed, every single facet of Sky’s life will change forever.” (synopsis from Goodreads)

Cris- You don’t need to tell me what its about. I loved it too! The book is fictional, yes! But the plot is very believable since it was based on something which normally happens in our daily lives, and I loved how Colleen was able to build up all the characters, but hated and totally hurt to see those characters had to go through it. Wo, the after effects are still killing me!

Pam- Well after Slammed and Point of Retreat I knew that Hopeless was going to be at the top of my all-time favorite books. Sky lived a sheltered life but with help of her best friend Six, Sky is able to step out of her box.

Cris- I know! Although there were quite a few scenes when I had some difficulties understanding her but eventually loved her seeing how she was able to put down her walls and how much change she had from the beginning till the end. Then queue Dean Holder! Stop the clock!

Pam- He is dreamy and throughout the book you grow to love he more. Such a stand-up guy and so miss understood!

Cris- You don’t have to tell me twice. I think that everyone that reads this book will fall in love not only with Holder but with the story (*sigh…). Colleen Hoover has written a wonderful standalone book that complements her writing style of the Slammed series.

Pam- I total agree! I think that the fans that were drawn into the Slammed series will fall head over heals for Hopeless. Colleen Hoover has painted us a picture of the Lake and Sky and left us with Hope!


Blog Tour Fight With Me ~ review, sit-down with Kristen, trailer, and giveaway


Well I couldn’t help but do it to her! I knew she would think I was crazy but I will try anything…

Cris – You brought me to a Tattoo and Piercing Parlor??? I’m not getting pierced!!!

Pam – Chill out chica!! I have a plan! Remember when you told me about that book. You know that one with the MAJOR hot guy!

Cris – Sure do! Fight With Me by Kristen Proby. It is a follow up to Come Away With Me and the second book in With Me Seattle series. Here goes the synopsis…

“Jules Montgomery is too busy and content with her life to worry about a man, especially one Nate McKenna. If growing up with four brothers has taught her anything, she knows to stay away from sexy men with tattoos and motorcycles. That goes double if he’s your boss. During the one incredible night they shared, he violated the no fraternization policy…among other things, and it won’t happen again. Jules won’t risk her career for mind-blowing sex, no matter how much her body and her damn heart keep arguing with her.

Nate McKenna could give a shit about the no fraternizing policy. He wants Jules and he’ll have her. The rules could bend around them, or be damned. He’s not a man to be taken lightly, and Jules Montgomery is about to find out just how he responds to being pushed aside after the best night of sex he’s ever had. She can fight all she wants, but he’ll have her in his bed in the end.”

Cris – Ok Pam but what does that have to do with you dragging me to a Tattoo and Piercing Parlor.

Pam – Well I read the book.

Cris – And…so did I. I told you! It was HOT! It is on the top of my book list! Nate McKenna is one of my all-time book boyfriends! A man that every woman wants!! (Thank you Kristen Proby for an ARC of this book! It made my morning after having a bad day!)

Pam – That’s why we are here don’t you see? Tattoo and piercings works for Jules so maybe if we hang around I can find me a man and then maybe I can get something pierced!?!?!

Cris – Ok I get where you want to relate to the book. I loved Jules since the first book, Come Away With Me. She’s real, fun, confident, independent…no pretensions. She follows her heart, says anything she wants to say and doesn’t really give a fuck of what other people will think or say. Having said that I love ya girl but your no Jules and I am sure Nate is NOT running around here.

Pam – I get I am not Jules! Now Nate definitely took me by surprise! He posts as a very professional and intelligent guy, but when you get to know him better, you’ll find out that there’s more to him. He’s over the top sweet, likes to cook, very protective and he definitely knows what he wants and is willing to do everything to get it! Isn’t he dreamy? Can you fault a girl for hoping? I’m not in a total dream world! Kristen had to have some truth in her story and maybe I can find some of that here!

Cris -Couldn’t agree more! Everybody knows I’m a fan of Kristen’s writing. She has a clear take on how to describe scenes in detail especially the steamy ones which would require an intricate narration. Her characters are always 99% believable and readers can easily relate to them. Saying that I really don’t think that she meant for her readers to stock local tattoo shop!

Pam -I get it! She wrote a book that grabbed my attention from the prologue and held it until the end. Jules and Nate’s chemistry is fascinating! There were moments when I caught myself smiling, laughing, crying, biting my lips and swooning! So I say again, can you fault me for wanting to try???

Cris – I guess not. I loved all the characters, from the main ones up to the supporting ones especially the whole Montgomery clan. I loved the ending; I loved every freaking thing about that book! Ok so maybe you’re not all that crazy now that I think about it! The one thing that every author wants to do is have the reader relate to their words. Now maybe Kristen didn’t think some crazy girl like you would get tatted up but I get ya!

Pam – Exactly! Now what to get pierced? Any input?

Cris – What! Your really going to do it? What are you getting?

Pam – That’s only for me and future Nate look alike to know!

Cris & Pam’s Rating:


The Book Avenue Review had the honor of “sitting down” with Kristen Proby to get down and dirty about what she gets down and dirty about…her books. As the world is welcoming her book Fight With Me and patiently waiting for the next in the “With Me In Seattle” series we at The Book Avenue Review just had to dig deep into that hot and steamy head of hers! Here is what she had to say…

The Book Avenue Review ~ Does the Pacific North West inspire your writing and where else have you lived? (Submitted by Carole Ronneberg)

Kristen Proby~ Hi Carole! Yes, the PNW is beautiful, fun and I love it here. It does inspire the setting of the With Me In Seattle Series. I grew up in a small town called Whitefish, Montana, and also lived for about eight years in Portland, Oregon.

The Book Avenue Review ~ What would make your top 5 book list? (Submitted by Michelina Di Campo)

Kristen Proby ~ This is a tough question, Michelina! Hmm… Okay, I’m going to narrow this down to the past year because if it were of all time, I’d have to list far more than five. 

1. On Dublin Street by Samantha Young

2. Fifty Shades Darker by EL James

3. Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

4. Taken by Kelli Maine

5. Seduction and Snacks by Tara Sivec

There are SO MANY books on my TBR list! I don’t read nearly as much as I used 

The Book Avenue Review ~ After the “With Me In Seattle” series is done what’s next? Are you planning a different direction such as Tara Sivec did with “A Beautiful Lie”? (Submitted by Sandy Roman Borrero)

Kristen Proby ~ I’m not sure what’s coming after WMIS. I still have five books to write for this series! I’ve been tossing around the idea of writing about rock stars, or maybe another family saga set in Montana, but that’s all up in the air. I’m completely submerged in the Montgomery family!

The Book Avenue Review ~ Do you use personal experiences for your sex scenes? Do you try the fun stuff (motorcycle…)? (Submitted by Kristen Teaff)

Kristen Proby ~ Ha! Well, I don’t think it would be appropriate to go into detail on this. I think as a writer, there are certain aspects of my personal life that bleed into the story. That’s inevitable. But I have a pretty active imagination.
The Book Avenue Review ~ What was the inspiration for the characters, such as Luke and Natalie, in the “With Me In Seattle” series? Did you build off real people or were they totally fictional? (Submitted by Michelle McDonald Cammack)

Kristen Proby ~ All of the characters in this series are fictional. I have a whole bunch o’ people, who aren’t real, running around in my head.

Since the sex is so hot did you find it hard to focus on the relationship between any of the characters when a lot of the story was based on the sex?

I think that the sex enhances the relationships. In most cases, as far as I know, when people are falling in love, they have a lot of sex. Don’t they? They are learning each other, inside and out, and I hope I weave the sex in so that it compliments their story. 

The Book Avenue Review ~ What point of view will the rest of the “With Me In Seattle”? The male or female characters or will it alternate? (Cassie Fillmore)

Kristen Proby ~ I’m sure you’ve noticed that each of the epilogues in all three stories have been from the hero’s POV. I will continue that trend through the series. In future books, I may throw in a chapter here and there from the hero’s POV if I feel that we need to see what the heck he’s thinking, but the majority of the story will be from the heroine’s POV.

The Book Avenue Review ~ Do the covers reflect what your envisioned the characters to be or do you just go with what you like? Do you have a clear cut view of them in your head as you write? (Submitted by Clista Seals)

Kristen Proby ~ Aren’t my covers beautiful? I want the covers to convey the feel of the book. Unfortunately, we are limited in the photos available to use, and so I just find what I like the best and hire a cover artist to enhance it to make it special to my book. For the FIGHT WITH ME cover, Nate has short hair, but as you know, in the story his hair is long. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an option to use a photo with a long haired man, so I went with a photo that best conveyed the feel of the story, and I love the intimate feel of that cover.

Yes, I have a clear picture in my head of the characters as I write. I see what they’re wearing, the expressions of their faces, what the room looks like that they’re in. It’s very vivid in my head, and I hope I show that on the page as well.

The Book Avenue Review ~ Growing up did you always know you wanted to write? Who inspired you? (Submitted by Tess Halim)

Kristen Proby ~ Yes, I’ve always been a writer. I don’t remember a time that I wasn’t making up stories. I became passionate about writing in high school, thanks to an amazing English teacher. 

The Book Avenue Review ~ Who would you love to see play Nate and Jules on the big screen? (Submitted by Tess Halim)

Kristen Proby ~ Wow, I haven’t even given this a thought because it just seems crazy to me. Um, I don’t know. I still have a hard time finding photos of men online that do Nate justice. He’s so fabulous in my head. I haven’t found an actor that looks like him yet.

The Book Avenue Review ~ Would you let your kids read your books? (Submitted by Tess Halim)

Kristen Proby ~ Absolutely NOT! 

Thanks, everyone for your questions! And thank you, Cris and Pam, for hosting me today! I hope you all enjoy the book. 

 Happy Reading! 

Now that we have learned a little bit more about Kristen and the “With Me In Seattle” series I think it is safe to say that we will be waiting with bated breath for the next book “Play With Me”. We don’t know about you but if it is anything like the first two make room in your schedule for an uninterrupted date with Meg and Will. ~Happy reading