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Two years ago, Evie’s sister died, leaving her lost. Existing without really living. Coping the only way she knew how: by wrecking things.
Last year, Evie exposed her dad’s affairs, finished ripping apart her relationship with her longtime boyfriend, and completely ruined her music scholarship.
But today, she’s reinventing herself at her new university. Desperate to break away from all the destruction she’s caused, Evie’s ready to start over. For her sister, who never even had a chance. And for herself.
Then Rhys, her new voice instructor, happens.
He’s gorgeous and insanely talented, but he’s also a part of the dark past Evie is trying to overcome. Rhys’s brother is the reason why her life went up in flames, the reason why Lily, Evie’s sister, is dead. But even though Rhys is the last person Evie should ever want, for the first time in two years, wrecking things seems…right.
*WRECKED is a standalone novel and is not a part of a series*

I will lose with Rhys Delane.
I will lose the challenge I made myself at the start of this year, and I’ll lose my head, my heart. He’s changed everything. Turned my life upside down in a handful of months.
I don’t know how or why or when I let this happen.
Out the corner of my eye, I see him turn his head to look over at me. “Give me more of you, Evelyn,” he says in a voice that sets my body on fire, a complicated medley of irritation, defiance, and a need that’s bittersweet and painful. Rhys isn’t asking for more. He’s demanding it.
My lips part slightly, but I stop myself before I say something I’ll regret, like I always do when we’re together like this. I pull in a short breath, then a few more. Finally, I meet those unnerving blue-green eyes, letting everything else fade from existence. Agnes Obel’s ethereal, haunting voice, the sound of the rain splattering against the windows, and the monotony of the windshield wipers flinging the storm away—I hear none of that when he’s staring at me like I owe him something.
He wants things I absolutely cannot give.
“You’ve already slept with me.” My voice is purposely void of any emotion, and although his face remains calm, I know I’ve managed to cut him. It’s obvious by how quickly his eyes turn cold. “You have enough.”
And he really does. Because now that I think about it—and even though he’s yet to realize it—I’ve already lost with Rhys Delane. It just took me this long to figure that out.
Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the erotic romance series Devoured, which includes Devoured, All Over You, and Consumed, as well as the new adult novel Tidal. She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about all three.

Promo Blitz: Consumed by Emily Snow

Title: Consumed
Author: Emily Snow

Now that Lucas is back in her life, Sienna is sure the drama between them is over. But then he comes to her with a new offer: his band, Your Toxic Sequel, is going on tour and he wants her with him—working in wardrobe and as his girl.
Life on the road is a complete 180 from everything Sienna has ever known. Not only does she have to deal with Lucas’s band members, but she’s also forced to be around Cilla, the lead singer of Wicked Lambs. Still, despite horny band mates and a gorgeous rock goddess determined to sink her talons into Lucas, Sienna stays by his side.
Then the letters start to come—harassing messages from Lucas’s ex-wife, Sam.
At first, Sienna brushes them off, keeping Lucas in the dark because Sam is bad for his music. But after Sam’s contact turns personal and violent, Sienna has no other choice but to confront Lucas. If she’s ever going to understand the twisted pull Sam has on him, she has to know his secret. But when he finally reveals it, will they be able to survive the consequences? Or will it tear them apart, consuming them?

“Nice move, Mr. Wolfe,” I mutter under my breath. Tapping my foot rapidly against the floor, I wait for my suitcase to come around on the carousel. Once I locate it, I lug everything to a row of chairs nearby. It’s too hot for me to wait outside for some driver to arrive.

No sooner than my butt makes contact with the hard seat do I hear snippets of a conversation between two women who are walking in the direction of the taxi exit.

“ . . . I have all of their CDs. I could spot him from a mile away. It was definitely him, and you—you are stifling me!” 

What the hell?

I twist around in time to witness the shorter woman with the black, asymmetrical bob narrow her chocolate brown eyes at the tall, leggy blonde. “And just last night you just said they’re on tour. So which is it, Kate? He’s on tour, or he’s bullshitting around this place?”

“Or maybe,” Kate hisses, “Lucas is catching a flight because of his tour.”

Lucas is already here?

I clamber to my feet, allowing the argument between Kate and her friend to fade into the background as I scan as far as my eyes can see for Lucas. There are couples reuniting all around me, and what appears to be an entire busload of people holding up signs that say “Welcome Home, Gloria,” but no sign of him. I’m about to grab my stuff and go look, but then I see him. Heading directly toward me. His stride a little faster than it normally is, his soft grin entirely too confident, his hazel eyes cocky and yet so full of need.

God, that man and those eyes. 

He’s wearing destroyed jeans and an olive green tee shirt that show off the green flecks in his eyes. His muscular arms hang relaxed by his side, but when he comes close enough for me to breathe in the clean, airy scent of his cologne, I notice that he’s worrying something between the thumb and forefinger of his right hand. I squint down at it as the toes of his Converse brush up against my ballet flats.

“Well fuck, Sienna. Looks like you’re more interested in my hands than my face.” But he opens his palm, holding it six inches from my face. My throat constricts when I realize what he’s holding.

It’s a guitar pick.

Holy hell.

“You’re grinding your teeth.” The volume of his voice is barely above a whisper and yet so powerful. “The things I want to do to you for that.”

Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the erotic romance series Devoured, which includes Devoured, All Over You, and Consumed, as well as the new adult novel Tidal. She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about all three.

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Absorbed (Book 1.5)
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Consumed (Book 2)
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Book Review: TIDAL by Emily Snow

Title: Tidal
Author: Emily Snow

*New Adult Romance*
Now that Willow Avery is out of rehab, she’s got one chance left to prove herself before she’s officially on every producer’s shit list. At least, that’s what her parents and agent are claiming. She doesn’t really give a damn if she never makes another movie or not—she just wants to get on with her life, get back to her friends, and find her next escape. But Willow is broke. And whether she likes it or not, acting is the only job she knows how to do.
When she accepts the lead in a beach drama, Willow finds herself in Hawaii. And in Hawaii, she finds Cooper, the gorgeous surfer hired to train her for her new role. With the bluest eyes she’s ever seen and the sexiest Australian accent she’s ever heard, Cooper’s different from the men she’s used to. He doesn’t want to use her. And he refuses to let her fail. But when an old friend re-enters Willow’s life—a friend whose toxicity she’s been drawn to time and time before and whose presence brings about the painful memories she’s tried so hard to suppress—Willow will have to choose between the girl she was and the person she’s becoming. The lifestyle that helps her forget the pain and the guy she’s falling hard for.
Tidal. What an apropos name for this book. Not because it takes place in Hawaii with an hot Australian surfer, but because this book had me riding a bitchen wave of emotions! Seriously, I had no idea. This book has an epilogue that I can’t shake. The ending was simply the BEST ending of any book that I’ve read. Yes, of all the books that I’ve read… This. Is. My. Favorite. Ending.
Willow Avery is the Hollywood starlet with a tainted past. Sounds like a predictable character does it not? Oh Willow is anything but, she is an amazing multi layered individual with issues. She’s imperfect and riddled with self doubt. She craves approval. She’s been wounded, she even believes she’s damaged beyond repair, but she refuses to be broken. Through her, we experience the unfamiliar side of Hollywood and the life of a celebrity not depicted in tabloids.
Cooper Taylor hates everything Hollywood, and isn’t afraid to let his feelings be known. He is that straight forward, a pull-no-punches kind of man. We are completely aware of how he feels and what he wants, Cooper plays no games. He isn’t perfect, but in my opinion, he is damn near. He realizes early on that Willow is so much more. He falls for her, and he falls hard. He refuses to let her fail and continue to go through life alone.
“Don’t ever doubt me again, Willow. The whole time you’ve been here I’ve told you two things until I was blue in the face — that I’ll look after you and that I’m not wishy-washy. If you’ve got to go fix yourself, nothing that I feel for you changes. I won’t stop loving you.”
Emily Snow you have capsized me and I love you for it!! What a seamless story you have written. I adore the fact that you’ve given us a wounded heroine that refuses to become another statistic. I love that this story deals with real life issues with class and utmost compassion. I love that you’ve presented us with complex characters and an oh-so-hot romance. I love that you’ve given us a smoking male lead who is willing to fight for his girl, a man who believes and sees the good in her when others do not.
The end of this book slayed me. Utter perfection. If I wasn’t in love with Cooper prior to the epilogue (which I was), I didn’t have a chance. Are you KIDDING ME??!! I have read and re-read the conclusion too many times to count! Could that have been any more perfect??? Uhm… NO!!!!! I cried. I cried a whoa big ugly cry, not because I was sad… but because oh my, really?? What a flawless way to end the tale of an amazing love.
I glanced over my shoulder, meeting his blue eyes, and nodded quickly.
“Yes, ” I said.
I had never been more certain of anything in my life

Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the erotic romance series Devoured, which includes Devoured, All Over You, and Consumed, as well as the new adult novel Tidal. She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about all three. 


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BLOG TOUR: Savor You by Emily Snow (book trailer, review, excerpt and giveaways)

Kylie Wolfe and guitarist Wyatt McRae have been bad for each other for the last several years, but it’s impossible for them to end their toxic push and pull. Not when their attraction is constantly fueled by lust and proximity—she’s her older brother’s Lucas’s assistant and Wyatt is his best friend and band mate. 

So when Your Toxic Sequel makes a move to record a new album in Nashville, Kylie decides to make the latest break with Wyatt official by getting the hell out of town. She’ll spend a week in New Orleans. A week to immerse herself in the Mardi Gras scene. One week to not think about the last time she was in New Orleans, seven years ago with Wyatt. Seven days where she won’t have to see Wyatt every day just to fall ridiculously in love with him all over again—where, if she wants to, she can have a normal, no- strings attached fling that won’t end in heartbreak. 
Too bad Wyatt ruins everything by showing up, as gorgeous and demanding and goddamn awful for her as ever. 
Wyatt refuses to let Kylie give up on him. Not without reminding her why they both fell so far and hard in the first place. Not without making her savor the good memories and what could be their last chance with each other. 
Note: This is a spinoff from the Devoured series. 

Hmmm…. there is absolutely something to be said about a sexy, alpha-male rocker, or at least there is for me. Kylie Wolfe and Wyatt McCrae had tried staying apart. No matter what they said or what they tried, something always brought them back together. Kylie knew in her core that Wyatt was bad news for her and she was determined to do everything in her power to separate herself from him. She even took a spur of the moment vacation to distance herself from him. She new he was toxic for her and she wanted to move on with her life. Wyatt had other ideas. He wanted to try start over and fix the things wrong with their relationship. He was determined that no matter what the cost he would not take no for an answer.

“I fucking love you, Ky. That’s about all I need to know. We can work through all of the other shit as long as we have that”

This is a wonderful continuation of an amazing series. I love Emily Snow and all of these characters. We knew that Kylie was fun-loving with a daring attitude, and I was glad we were given the chance to get to know her on a more personal level. She’s been hurt time and time again. She loves him, but believes that he refuses to change and her heart simply can’t take another break. She will not allow herself to be devastated and disappointed by him yet another time.
Wyatt? What can I say about Wyatt? Something about that man simply oozes sex. The bad-ass rocker with groupies at every tour stop. The self-assured playboy with a heart and a soft spot for Kylie. I swooned at the fact that he knew what he wanted and wasn’t going to be swayed without giving it everything he had. He did just that, he gave it his all. He knew they had issues and was well aware that he had major issues. No matter what he did, he couldn’t get Kylie out of his head. He loved her. Unfortunately, he was out of time. 
This is a story of a love that started years ago. They both tried to leave multiple times but something always brought them back to one another. They always ended up right where they started, in bed. The attraction between these two sizzles… Emily draws you in on the first page and leaves you captivated until the very last paragraph. I needed to know how this was going to end because I needed them to have their HEA. Her writing style is one that leaves you vested in her characters and words. I was only disappointed in the fact that it was so short. I really didn’t want it to end and wanted more of these two and their story. I can’t wait for the next installment in this super hot series!!

Excerpt #6:

“Lucas,” I say, trying to keep my voice calm, “why is there a huge chunk of money missing out of your business account?” 

Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars isn’t just a huge chunk of money, though. It’s several years of my income, and it’s gone from an account that I’m supposed to be monitoring.

The man who answers me a few seconds later doesn’t sound like my older brother at all. He sounds broken, like a wounded animal. “It’s nothing. Mind your own fucking business, Kylie.”

The fear that has seized my chest for the last hour and a half suddenly shifts and now it feels like poison rippling through my body, wrapping around my bones and slithering through my veins. “Not on your life, Lucas. It’s Sam, isn’t it? Are you paying that bitch off again? Where’s Sienna? What the—”

I hear the faint click, and I know that I’ve lost him. I know that whatever it is my brother’s gotten himself involved with has only gotten worse since he and Sienna took off for Atlanta.

And I feel like I’m dying inside.

For several minutes, I sit silently on the bed, inhaling the faint, masculine scent Wyatt left behind. I know what I have to do. I know that I have to call Sienna to check on her, but I also know that I’m not going to like what I hear.

By the time I work up the nerve to call her, I’m crying.

“Please tell me he didn’t?” More than ever before, I want to be wrong. I want her to tell me that she’s still with Lucas, and he hasn’t kicked her out. But, I’m not wrong.

Her voice sounds like she’s a million miles away as she answers me, “Why does it matter?”

It matters because I wanted my brother to take care of her—for him to be happy. It matters because I was the one who convinced her to go along with him. I was the one who told her that taking Lucas up on his offer was all worth it.

But judging by the way Sienna sounds today, that was the only thing I was wrong about.

Emily Snow is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the erotic romance series Devoured, which includes Devoured, All Over You, and Consumed, as well as the new adult novel Tidal. She loves books, sexy bad boys, and really loud rock music, so naturally, she writes stories about all three. 


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