Title: If Forever Comes
Author: A.L. Jackson
If Forever Comes, the final chapter in the New York Times Bestselling Regret Series (Lost to You and
Take This Regret). 
Christian Davison’s life is complete. With a ring on Elizabeth’s finger and his daughter at his side, he’s ready to run headlong into their future. 
Elizabeth Ayers never believed she would again find this kind of joy—the joy of a family and the wholeness found in the touch of the man she’s always loved. 
Their love is intense and their passion only grows as they set out to rediscover each other. 
But life is never easy. 
Rocked by the unforeseen, Christian and Elizabeth will find themselves fighting for the one thing they hold most important—family. 
We have been aware of how Christian and Elizabeth concluded their relationship in Take this Regret. We all fell in love with their story as they struggle to fight for it until finally they got their happy ending. 
In this book we were again reminded of how special their love is. But relationships are not just loads of hearts and flowers. Christian and Elizabeth’s love for each other is tested time and again by scheming circumstances yet each time it is their boundless love that emerges victorious. However, a tragic set of events forced them to separate and their lives drift apart. 
Will their boundless love still be able to bring them together again? 
I am totally stunned and almost speechless. 
Knees trembling, heart pounding, nerve wrecking, tears overflowing. 
I saw it coming! 
This ARC has been sitting in my kindle for quite some time. But I never really had the courage to grab it because I know it will wreck me into pieces. I have no words to describe how I feel about this story except… IT’S ME. THIS IS MY STORY. 
It’s been a while since I’ve had this much connection with a story. I felt the same pain, the same loss and it feels like Im reliving the entire situation all over again. People may not understand Elizabeth and how she shuts herself off from the world but for someone who has gone through the same damage like me, I’d say it was pretty normal. The same lines, the same dialogues echoing through my mind, as if I’m hearing myself. I feel for her. 
Like with most of her romances, A.L. Jackson is not afraid to push boundaries when it comes to plot. If Forever Comes is written in a unique way, making alternate POVs of the leads in present day and flashbacks. Ms. Jackson’s writing and pacing was a top notch and the characters are strongly developed. They speak believable dialogues that you can actually feel the confusion and the indecision through them. She always does an amazing job of making her readers feel for her characters as well as forcing them to really think about the situation and what they can learn from it. 
I can’t say much about the plot without spoiling it for future readers. But, what I can say is that the intensity starts from the first chapter and does not stop until the explosive and heart-wrenching scenes in the middle up to the emotional, touching ending. 
I find If Forever Comes to be a satisfying and adrenaline-pumping conclusion to an already amazing series. The journey of Elizabeth and Christian was mind-blowing and emotionally taxing, but definitely worth the reader’s time and energy. 
This is a wild ride and one I thoroughly enjoyed! 
If you are someone who enjoys passionate characters struggling with relationships and will pull at your heartstrings, If Forever Comes is the perfect fit to your reading needs. 

Favorite Line: 

“Maybe that was the problem between Christian and me. Maybe the connection that bouns us was too overwhelming, too powerful, too much. Maybe a love that flamed so bright could only burn us into the ground. Maybe it was inevitable, our ruin. Maybe we’d already been set up for destruction, because something so strong made it inherently weak.”

A.L. Jackson is the New York Times bestselling author of Take This Regret and Lost to You, as well as other contemporary romance titles, including Pulled and When We Collide. 
She first found a love for writing during her days as a young mother and college student. She filled the journals she carried with short stories and poems used as an emotional outlet for the difficulties and joys she found in day-to-day life. 
Years later, she shared a short story she’d been working on with her two closest friends and, with their encouragement, this story became her first full length novel. A.L. now spends her days writing in Southern Arizona where she lives with her husband and three children. Her favorite pastime is spending time with the ones she loves.