featuring an exclusive excerpt from Beverly Preston’s newest novel The Perfect Someday


Their stare connected sending a tickling sensation down her spine. Tracy’s gaze drifted over his recklessly handsome features, hidden behind an intricate black mask. His light grey eyes swallowed her whole, the thick rim of ebony surrounding the cloudy irises like the calm in the eye of a storm.  
Subconsciously, Tracy raised her fingers, touching them to her mask. His gape never blinking or shifting from her face. Turning away, she wondered if he knew her true identity. 
A shivered rippled through her, feeling his soft lips press against her jaw. His scent, warm and spicy, surrounded her as he moved to the other cheek.
“Ciao.” His eyes lowered to the flesh on her arm standing at attention on full display. “I was going to point out the beauty of your striking blue eyes, but your exquisiteness…how you say…umm…takes my thoughts away.”
Tracy’s brow arched and a smile radiated across her face, holding back a laugh. 
“That’s a new one.” JC snickered from over his shoulder in a mocking tone. “Speechless, Vin. That’s the word you’re looking for.”
“Si`. Speechless.” There was no change in his expression, just an intent stare full of unapologetic charm.
“Good luck with that.” JC’s face verged on a new shade of red. “I’ll be at the bar.” 
Neither spoke momentarily. Vin’s eyes held, lingering over her face as if she were a fine piece of art hanging in a museum. Another surge of heat raced through each limb and every nerve ending in between. Sharp features accentuated his square jaw, the trimmed beard only added to his unpolished sexiness.
“Ouzo is the spirit of Greece, but you should drink it carefully and slowly.” Reaching around her, he retrieved two glasses of red wine from the ledge of the wall. “Greek men liken it to the seduction of a woman.”
Tracy raised her brow in question. 
“Ouzo, like the love a woman, sneaks up on you.”
Oh he is good. 
“But you are not Greek. You’re Italian? Yes?”
“Si`.” He extended a glass, holding it between them. “Italian men believe women are like a fine wine. They should be savored, and consumed ever so slowly, enjoying each precious sip.”
Internationally Published Best-Selling Author
Beverly Preston has been a stay at home mom for the past 21 years, though she prefers the title Domestic Engineer, raising four amazing kids. Along the way, she worked side by side with her husband Don, the love of her life, designing and building custom homes. As her children begin to venture out on their own, she’s left to shed a tear, (for a minute) wonder what’s next in life, and embrace the feeling of empowerment that surely must’ve been wrapped in a present she received on her fortieth birthday.
Beverly woke up one morning from a horrible dream that her husband had died and she was in Bora Bora saying her goodbyes. After weeks of worry and torment, she realized it was simply a bad dream and her husband wasn’t going anywhere. However, she still thought about that tiny fragment of a dream for months before turning it into No More Wasted Time
If she’s not at home riding her spin bike, you’ll find her spinning richly emotional and sinfully sexy romance stories.

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