by Nancee Cain

Title: The Rehabilitation of Angel Sinclair
Series: A Pine Bluff Novel
Author: Nancee Cain
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: April 27, 2018

Angel Sinclair arrives in Pine Bluff, Alabama with one goal: make amends and move on. But his chance meeting with the beautiful owner of Sleep Inn on the Lake lands him a job, a place to stay, and something else he hasn’t had for years in his life: love and trust.

Still reeling from a bitter divorce, Maggie Robertson is determined to start over as proprietress of a new bed and breakfast. Getting involved with anyone in this gossipy small town is not on her to-do list–especially someone closer to her son’s age than her own.

When she opens the door to find the dreadlocked and tattooed Angel on her porch, her quiet life and preconceived notions are turned upside down. Maggie’s self-confidence soars under his undivided attention. Angel is drawn by Maggie’s quiet acceptance…and he can’t stop staring at her ass.

But Angel’s fondness for Maggie’s company is topped only by his penchant for keeping secrets, which leads Maggie to wonder if she has it wrong. Perhaps age differences do matter, opposites should not be allowed to attract, and love does not conquer all–even if it’s written on the wall.

 “She completed him, filling in the gaps of his imperfections. All he wanted was to love her, care for her, comfort her and laugh with her for the rest of his life.”

An authentic tale about living life on life’s terms, and the acceptance of the perfectly imperfect parts of that life.
The Rehabilitation of Angel Sinclair is a relatably raw story of two flawed individuals each dealing with their own broken. This is a story about addiction and amends, yet it is so, so, so much more. It’s a poignant telling of forgiveness and hope. Forgiveness of the past, forgiveness of one another, and most importantly the forgiveness of yourself.  Angel Sinclair and Maggie Robertson find themselves both at a crossroads, and neither know which direction to head.
In the third book of the Pine Bluff Series, Ms Cain does an impeccable job of giving us wonderfully layered characters that I dare you to not fall for. This journey is yet another beautiful affirmation that none of us are the sum of our past mistakes. I adored every second of this read and it gave me all the feels. I have loved this series, but this book is by far my favorite. This is absolutely a must read. This is a series I will personally reread many times over.
“He wanted to settle down. Weird. He’d spent a third of his life running away, and now he wanted roots. Life really did go in circles.”:

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About Nancee Cain

Nancee Cain writes contemporary and paranormal romances with a serrated edge. In her stories she addresses some tough social issues, but always with a healthy dose of humor.

Her daytime hours are consumed by nursing in the never boring field of substance abuse. This is rather ironic since at age 22, she met her real-life hero in a bar. She swears the amount of alcohol she’d consumed had nothing to do with her boisterous proclamation she’d met her future husband. A year later, she married him.

Raised below the Mason-Dixon line, she dishes sarcasm like a Southern woman dishes blackberry cobbler, sweet and tart. She considers life too short not to laugh and too serious not to discuss. Her ultimate book hero will always be Atticus Finch.

An avid reader and admitted autographed book junkie, Nancee needs a 12-step program for her compulsive book buying. Her Devoted Hubby swears her To-Be-Read list qualifies her as a certifiable book hoarder.

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