Book Review: The Contest by Dawn L ChiletzThe Contest by Dawn Chiletz
on Oct. 11, 2014
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When college student Madi Ryan wins a contest she didn't enter, she reluctantly accepts a weekend date with gorgeous singer/songwriter Jake Morgan. Determined to find something wrong with him, Madi sets out to prove he's not all he appears to be.

Haunted by mistakes, Jake Morgan lives with a past that prevents him from having a future... until Madi Ryan walks into his life. As his walls and his rules slowly crumble around him, Madi makes him doubt everything he thought he knew. Her desire to find something wrong with him fuels his interest in her. It doesn't hurt that she's beautiful, feisty and keeps him guessing.

As the weekend turns into something more long term, Madi finds herself drawn into his world and his charm. From harmless flirting, to denied passion, no matter how much Jake tries to push her away, he ends up pulling her in. And as Madi tries to put him together, he unknowingly tears her apart.

Contests don't always have a winner and a loser. Sometimes love takes all.


The Contest is Dawn L Chiletz first book and isn’t without its flaws. The story concept was spot on. A reluctant fan, a dream date, and a closed off singer/songwriter have the bones for one entertaining ride. This was a long one and at times I found myself struggling to push through.

Jake and Madi were cute. Playing a game of cat and mouse I’m not sure either intended on, they found comfort in each other. I enjoyed the interactions between Jake and Madi, and found secondary characters interesting. Setting aside the wordiness of The Contest I do see potential in this author. With a creative story line I hope that with future novels, we will see cleaner formatting and word flow to balance out the story. This was a solid first book and I look forward to her second.



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