Review: Kit by SR Dyble @AuthorSRDyble

Review: Kit by SR Dyble @AuthorSRDybleKit on May 16, 2019
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After her family was brutally murdered, Eve decided one thing.
Never to let anyone in.
To never love again.
That way, she wouldn't ever feel that hurt again.
For a year she'd done just that.

All that was about to change when Kit Carson, a cocky Australian boxer randomly enrolled onto her photography course at college and pushed his way into her life.
Kit was everything Eve hated about pretty boys.
Only, he wasn't a boy.
He was all man.

Despite her dislike for him, even she couldn't deny her curiosity.
Things were about to change drastically in Eve's life, and secrets were about to spill out.
All at the hands of Kit Carson.

Three and a half SOLID stars for this newbie author.

The story in my opinion,  was a bit hard to get into. Kit was harsh, he was supposed to be, but as a reader I would have liked something to pull at my heart strings from the beginning, it took me a while to feel connected to him. Eve was a bit weak to start, again I understood why. Tragedy always has a way of closing people off to their world.  I would have a liked more balance from both characters. That being said, overall I enjoyed this book and its cast of characters.

This, the first in the Carter Brothers Series, was was a wonderful introduction to a protective brotherhood of men. The story improved as the pages turned. There was chemistry, angst, mystery, and decent suspense. Secrets unraveled and the pace was steady. SR’s writing is strong and there is great potential for this series. Personally, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with. Would I recommend this one?

S R Dyble is a writer, Mother and DIY obsessor.
She lives a short drive away from her home, the city of Hull in the UK.
She enjoys using the cities unusual way of speaking in her books and laughing about it with her readers.

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