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How lucky am I that I was able to snag the famous Jaden Thorne while on hiatus from One Hot Kitchen. Jaden has traveled back to Miami for some well-deserved R&R but something tells me that this trip back “home”has little to do with relaxation and a lot to do winning back the love of her life. Jaden and I are meeting at the kitchen she once called home at Bianca’s.

TBA: Jaden thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me for this interview.

Jaden: It’s my pleasure. Really.
TBA: How about some fun questions? What drew you to the culinary arts?
Jaden: It was something that started as a hobby with my mother and grew into a passion from nowhere, really. I like to consider it my form of art… I’m no Picasso but I think foodcan be a masterpiece and at the very least you can eat it.
TBA: As a chef, if you could have dinner anywhere in the world where would it be and what would you have?
Jaden: Well I do consider myself pretty adventurous with good food and life in general but any kitchen worth its salt can turn out proper food. I would think someplace with a view and a story would make for a much more memorable experience. I hear the Keg in Niagara Falls has an amazing menu and a view to die for. But I would be happy eating street food in Mexico City as long as it was with the right company.
TBA: What song would you use to describe your life at this moment?
Jaden: Truth? Criminal by Fiona Apple.
 TBA: How does it feel to be back at Bianca’s?
Jaden: Terrifying and amazing all at once. This place really shaped the happiest moments of my life along with a few – well…never mind. Let’s just say it’s been special being back.
TBA: Will you be doing any promotions for the show while in Miami?
Jaden: I wish I knew that answer! I am at the will of the studio. I am guessing something will come up and I’ll look forward to it.
TBA: Speaking of One Hot Kitchen, how do you feel after wrapping the first season?
Jaden: The first season was great and I loved every minute of it. The second season was a bit challenging but… c’est la vie, I guess. Life always seems to throw you curve balls at the most inconvenient times.
TBA: Okay. Let’s get serious here. Landing the show and your sudden rise to the top hasn’t been easy. Now that you have the spotlight that you coveted, was it worth it?
Jaden: I guess that’s relative. Yes, a career savvy girl with a good business head couldn’t ask for anything more. I mean, I am living the dream I always imagined and hoped for. I just didn’t know that dreams can sometimes turn into nightmares.
TBA: Funny, when we get what we think we want, we quickly learn that what we wanted and what we needed were two totally different things.
Jaden: You’re preaching to the choir here, I assure you. The best things in life really do tend to be free and it’s a shame it cost so much to learn that
TBA: Adding Damien to the show caused you many problems that not only affected your career but also took hold of your personal life in ways you never imagined. Do you feel you should have taken a stand and demanded he be removed from the show? Because at this point in time, I am guessing, nothing is worth the loss of your true love.
Jaden: Damian was nothing but a mere catalyst with green eyes. I could have complained and thrown my seniority around but I knew he would be his own undoing. What is they say about being your own worst enemy? Yeah, I know a little bit about that – and he did, too. Hindsight is 20/20. I have to tell you though; there are some days that I wish I would have never gotten on the plane in the first place.
TBA: I feel that the fight to salvage what is left of your love story has just begun. Can you shed some light on what it is that you are fighting for? What is it about Ivan that you love? We see what he portrays on the surface, his looks, social ties, and a successful career, but what is it about the man inside that speaks to you?
Jaden: Simply put, I’m fighting for what I believe to be the most sincere, precious thing I’ve ever held in my hand and in my heart. He inspired so much in me – in my heart, in my mind, in my body and soul – than I ever thought possible. I never thought I could live up to his idea or perception of me… I think I might have always been competing with or jealous of the woman I saw reflected in his eyes when he looked at me. Now I know how stupid that was and right now, more than anything, I want to see that look in his eyes again someday.
TBA: Do you feel that you both can move past the events that took place in L.A? We all know that no one is perfect and it is safe to say that not all the blame falls on your shoulders. Between the pain you felt the morning after and your internal struggle with good and evil, this has not been an easy time for you, do you still believe that you and Ivan have a chance at a happy future together?
Jaden: I think I’ve always known that a happy future doesn’t always mean white picket fences and three children, each one more beautiful than the next. But if I’m being honest, my definition of happiness has really shifted in the last few months. I don’t hold the same things so dear. As long as we don’t end up as two people who used to know each other, I will be so happy. At least that’s what I’m telling myself today.
TBA: Ivan has been quoted as saying “Love is a progression,” in light of recent events what does this mean to you now?
Jaden: Progression is not always positive … He may say that but what love really is, is an experience that you have to give yourself over to without fear and without regret. Ivan also compared love and life to an education… *sigh* …I think I’ve taken the advance master class for dummies and can still only hope I’ve got enough figured out that I don’t miss out on what big love really is, or can be.
TBA: I am going to presume that the female population of Miami is ready to “thank you” for your moment of indiscretion. Fighting for your relationship won’t be easy because, lets face it anything worth having never is. If Ivan were sitting at this table with us what would you say to him?
Jaden: That I’m an idiot and I’m sorry. That I miss him…I miss everything about him and his ridiculous life – cabins and guns and beaches and mountains and Marie and John and giant dancing hearts and miniature golf and vineyards and airports and balconies and sea turtles. But most of all, I miss his laugh and laughing with him – not just because … I miss us.
TBA: After your time apart from Ivan, you have had the opportunity to step back and look at your circumstances in a different light,distance and time can truly be “dirty” words but they also allow for growth. What have you learned?
Jaden: That I don’t need Ivan to complete me, but I want him so that everything in my world is more fun and full. That I am responsible for my actions and that my insecurities aren’t anyone else’s problem to fix. And that I’d pretty much crawl across glass for another chance.
TBA: Jaden, I have to say that I am pulling for you and Ivan. We as beings are not meant to deal with pain alone, but sometimes we overlook that fact and end up causing ourselves greater damage in the process. My hope is that the two of you will be able to put the pieces back together and discover what it is that brought you both to one another in the first place.
Jaden: The thing is we will never discover what brought us together in Sarasota. Destiny is a random game of Russian roulette that worked the first time and it was beautiful. The second spin of the barrel may not be so beautiful. Thank you though. In the end if all ambitions, desires, and hopes crumble to the sea, I have learned one thing. Love is beautiful no matter what the outcome. I am still smiling here because WE happened. I hope he is, too.
TBA: Jaden thank you so much for taking this time with us! I look forward to learning how your story unfolds. You have a man worth fighting for and that alone is worth the pain, because what is love if not a progression.
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