With book three of the Up In The Air Trilogy we are promised no less than a thrill ride!  So place your chair in its upright and locked position, stow your try tables and fasten your seat belts because you are in for a ride!  
Book Description:
“James and Bianca’s story draws to a close in the explosive conclusion to the Up In The Air Trilogy.

After a short but earnest courtship, Bianca can no longer deny her feelings for James, and though she’s tried her hardest, she can’t help but see that he cares deeply for her, as well. In a completely uncharacteristic move, she has put aside her misgivings and agreed to live with the enigmatic billionaire. Is her leap of faith the beginning of something wonderful, or is it too much, too fast?

As James and Bianca feel a growing need for each other that neither can deny, circumstances beyond their control intervene, trying to tear them apart. Amidst the ever mounting threat of a monster who wants Bianca dead, and the constant pitfalls of an indiscreet past that James can’t seem to escape, can these two passionate lovers manage to find their happily ever after?”

With her murderess father still on the hunt and the new knowledge of her step mother’s death Bianca finds herself falling deeper in love with James.  He is the man she can turn to and the man that helps keeps her grounded.  Bianca is finding it hard to open her heart to anyone other than Stephen.  Stephen and Bianca share an unbreakable bond that’s started from day one.  Bianca is starting to see that there is room in heart and James is just the person to fill that void.  Bianca is faced with life changing events and a constant 24/7 security watch.  James fears for her life and will not take any chances on the love of this life.  Her world is changed in a blink of an eye and James may find that he can’t control everything.   
I was so excited to get my hands on this one!  I fell in love with the first two books and the third one was no different.  James Cavendish is one HOT man and the stuff book boyfriends are made of!  I found myself wanting to wave a hand in the air and yell…pick me!!!  Sadly I came to my senses.  I love the fact that R.K. Lilley showed the bonds that friendship creates and that family is what you make it.  In a world of the “modern family” it was truly touching to see the bond that Stephan and Bianca shared and the fact that they both pushed each other to be the best they could be.  Grounded rounded out this trilogy well and I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story unfolded.  I am very excited for what’s to come from R.K. Lilley now that this flight has ended!
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